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How 52 Janpath makes me feel good-A Delhi restaurant influenced by Medieval Era

“Look at the stars, look how they shine for you.”   While admiring that hanging chandelier I was musing the same thought. These illuminated lights pulling me to the medieval European world. Here @52 Janpath, every corner and section depicting and putting an impression of any charismatic house of Europe. Much anticipated hype and hulla balloo created by social media […]

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Discover my way to Rashtrapati Bhawan-Pity!! why this place was not on my bucket list

  I presumed that the most fascinated appeal about any photo walk is not only to capture hidden gems of any city which we are unable to access in our routine lives but also that chance of interaction with like minded new bees who share identical interest as you. An expansion of social circle along with advanced […]

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Story on Horlicks Growth+product launch-Indiblogger meet

People loves stories so do I;
It gives us depth sensitivity and you all know why;
Their plain sailing portray can twist and plug your sleeping bulbs;
Though I’m trying to recount moments in a easy peasy conduct.

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5 utter reasons why tourists love to dine in Tibet Kitchen, Mcleodganj

While waiting for the brunch on the table of Tibet kitchen along with other existing co-travellers, I was wondering in silent contemplation that how travel let you introduce with new faces and binds anyone in new-fangled correlation with the brilliant vibes of the place.   I was trying to equipoise among all the facts that […]

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VLCC Femina Style Diva, 2016

“Fashion is about something that comes from within you”- Ralph Lauren With a purpose to mark a distinguish deviation among a remarkable trendsetter and any random commoner trend follower, as  every year Femina provided a platform to 16 young and aspiring models to showcase their ravishing appearance on the ramp of VLCC Femina Style Diva, […]

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Lagom (Kitchen+ Brewery)- Launch of an eating house

It was a perfect awe inspiring moment when I was invited as it was not just a launch party of any eatery but for a contemporary place- Lagom kitchen & brewery. Inspired by streets of Scotland, this Gurgaon’s newest watering hole offers internationally popular concept of food, music and ambience in a pleasing mirror reflected venue. […]

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When I stop believing humanity and wish to be like animals

“Whenever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness.” But somehow it’s getting stiff to swallow the harsh reality of mankind, we are already omitting our core nature “kindness“. God fabricate nature for every living being, humans, animals, birds, mammals, plants for everyone then who gave us the authority to embellish […]

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Endearments of my first budget trip to Mcloedganj with Tripver

“I choose you, And I’ll choose you, over and over and over.                                                           Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat.                                                                                            I’ll keep choosing you.”    When you’re aware of the fact that I admire the way of your fondness towards me, your time to time mechanism that you own to call me back in your arms. Our romance […]

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Another Photowalk to Chandni Chowk-market full of life

“I’m content to stand on tradition. I’m even more content to wipe my feet on it.”- Aaron Allston.
Knowingly or unawared our roots still affiliating the richness of our traditions, old beliefs. Though today we are westernised, cultured, unlocked to new beliefs, globalised, embrace new ideas, matching our footsteps to the remaining world while on the other side wholeheartedly give respect to our values. As an Indian, this mash-up of impressions make us stand out from this world, such quint essential grip of both aspects can be seen anywhere in our country, but let elect Delhi (my birth place) as a specimen for now.

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Food review-Kylin Premier & Skybar

Accepting this focal fact about food, till the time human kept on experimenting with varieties of cuisines either at home or by ranging over divergent eateries based on every corner of their cities. Sometimes to satisfy their taste buds people go beyond confines. But what if we have a chance…

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