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Celebrate rejuvenation of senses at Bouri-The Spa of Shivadya Resort & Spa, Manali

  Regardless, that this was my 3rd visit to Manali yet I managed to capture some distinctive remembrance of my new perspective to see nature’s beauty. Vis a Vis to my earlier stays in valley these three days span of early November in Shivadya Resort and Spa left me amazed with the fact that if a person committedly push …

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Single Saturday; Events two- Launch of Costa's new range of wraps & fun night at Club BW

First thing first……

Launch of new delectable range of wraps by Costa Coffee

“If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee.”– Abraham Lincoln
Apparently, my kith and kins are well-informed about my abstemiousness, that means I’m not a super foodie nor I like to toss any tantrums associated with food but to the matter of choice in between these two beverages i.e. tea and coffee I have never dwindled my preference for coffee. Other than addiction or whatever you may call; once been a necessity that was used to required at the time of long office hours and stretched month end phases when I worked as a corporate accountant either you can say as the contentment to my elevated taste buds towards its creamy texture, I always feel inclined towards coffee. And while we are discussing about coffee than there is no other place better than Costa Coffee Day  who offer authentic coffee drinks.

Premium Flat White

“You can’t buy happiness but you can buy coffee and that’s pretty close”
Initially, Costa was first introduced in 1971 at London and entered Indian market in Sept. 2005 to promote its name as a first international coffee chain to start operation. No wonder, in such a short span of time now Costa has unlocked multiple outlets in 25 countries and gained a title of World’s largest coffee chain. With brilliant fusion of welcoming atmosphere, passionate and well-trained baristas who emphasize on creating an art in a cup of coffee. That’s why when every time they takes your invaluable few extra moments, they put their precious efforts and skills to make your every sip of coffee pleasurable.Their core focus is in to slow roasting of coffee beans to get uttermost flavor and stronger aroma.
The graffitied walls at the staircase

When I was invited for a bloggers meet at Costa Coffee, South Ex., Part 2, New Delhi; for my companionship I took Chiyu along hand in hand. As soon as we stepped in the ambiance, place’s cozy seating and flawless presentation of decor and profound steamy aroma intensified my hunger scale and after exchanging warm greetings we were seated. In an initial discussion I got aware that Costa has launched a new range of healthy (high in proteins) wraps across its outlets in India.
Cafe & these cozy corners

Those currently comes in 2 variants- Moroccan Tofu and Grilled Veggie Wrap (priced Rs 155/-) for vegetarian set of customers and Chicken Seekh Kebab Wraps (priced Rs 145/-) for non- vegetarian lovers. Moreover this combination is accompanied by Costa’s freshly brewed Flat White, Iced Flat White and Iced Latte–  a new range of exquisite hand crafted coffee for which Costa is famed for. According to me, as Diwali was round the corner and such lip smacking launch proved a bang for all the foodies and to the festivities.
Mr. Ashish Chanana, COO, Costa Coffee India said: “At Costa we believe in offering our customers a balanced and varied menu that’s full of great choices, be it  gourmet sandwiches, our signature muffins or something more indulgent. Costa wraps, our brand new addition has been created to give our patrons a healthy protein rich lunch/filling snack option as they go about their busy lives.”
So after getting much informed about the healthy ingredients of wraps, I ordered both and as expected that each served neatly and presented in portions of 2. As comparative to veg. one, Chicken Seekh Kebab Wrap was more spicy ( that was chosen by Chiyu). It’s pungent flavor was perfectly blended with succulent Kebab that was well cooked exactly to my liking. Along with, it was stuffed with grilled veggies tossed in creamy Arabic sauce all wrapped up in tortilla bread. I loved the preparation.
On the contrary, being as a spice lover I found Moroccan Tofu and Grilled Veggie Wrap quite bland. Though it was looked and tasted delicious but contains mild flavors, very soft from inside. This wrap comprised of tortilla bread stuffed with Moroccan marinated bean, curd chunks and grilled veggies that tossed in flavorsome Moroccan sauce. Inspite being a healthy snack (as Tofu is the healthier genre of paneer); addition of an extra pinch of desired spices could have boost up the extent of my palate. But otherwise highly recommendable to those who are high on gentle note of their taste buds and drool over mouth-watering creamy sauces. Among the available 3 alternatives of hand crafted coffee I picked hot Flat White and got diffused in the mild creamy character of the drink. Every sip of the cuppa was far amazing and deliciously exceptional.
If you are not a coffee or Costa’s lover, don’t wait for any special occasion or in a hope of a bunch of friends who gonna drag you to the outlet. Just give a try these delectable wraps with your favorite coffee and I’m pretty sure after that one visit you’ll fall in love with it.

Lady Bloggers Night @ Club BW, the Suryaa

“Dance as though no one is watching; Love as though you’ve never been hurt; Sing as though no one can hear you; Live as though heaven is on earth.”
Beside leaving the actuality stated about singing (as I don’t have desire to annoy others from my intolerable vocals) I put my trust on the entire quote. While appreciating the life the entire population has to enjoy it fullest by appointing their option of interests, by loving every other living being on earth, by hating the hatred, by not loosing any solitary moment of enjoyment.

Club BW

For the same day, I had an invitation for the “Lady Bloggers Night” at luxurious Club BW in The Suryaa organised by SO Delhi – on behalf of Delhi Confluencer Circle to boost up the festival spirits of bloggers without any set agenda of the evening. The decided dress code of the night was black and white that profoundly blends to milieus of the classic vintage B/W scheme of the club in mid of inkling of Fushia that undoubtedly raised the level of romance of the night. To get soaked in perfect taste of lounge and nightclub under one roof I decided to attend the party.
This place spread over 4000 sq. ft. and striving to entice everyone’s attention with its impressive interiors and interesting architectural designs. Usually party grabs heat around 1 O’clock in the night but as it was bloggers meet timings was 9 PM onwards. This place is high on beats and foot lifting music like Hip Hop, Trance, EDM music and so on. Based on international standards anyone indulged themselves in varieties of imported spirits and divine wines along with mouth watering appetizers.
Endeavoring my part.

I met some old buddies and introduced myself with new fellows from separate domains and it’s always good to know other people, every time you assimilate by others and that is a quint essential demand for self development. We were divided in 2 groups and had couple of fun based competition where our team won title of Fastest Juice Sippers then we matched our steps to some bone shaking sound system and that was fun. It was the long interesting endless entertainment night that we enjoyed.

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Discover my way to Rashtrapati Bhawan-Pity!! why this place was not on my bucket list

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