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Lights of Diwali in Delhi Haat

There is one saying “Don’t just celebrate festivals, celebrate life”. And why not, the term Life– is a grand celebration in itself. Isn’t it?? It’s a possibility for everyone to rejoice their most unique experiences of the bog-standard alley in ways of : compact and dull or colossal and adventurous as per the choices made […]

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Glittery Glimpse from #ChaySam Fairy Tale Wedding- Samantha & Chaitanya, the two enchanting smiles from Tollywood

There was a time around 10 years ago till then Bollywood over ruled the heads of North side of India and people were highly fascinated by the charm of Bollywood’s superstars and treat Hollywood as the elevated version of the glamour world. Awareness of Tollywood, Kollywood or any other South or West Bengal’s side film […]

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Few momentous chapters on Delhi Jaipur Highway

I’m on the way to Jaipur and there’s no need to shuffle my mind to recollect all the splendid and ordinary memories from the time of my childhood which are linked to NH-8. This highway had witness my countless to and fro in between two cities which are close to my heart i.e. Delhi and […]

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Relatively obscure ruins of Delhi- Bijai Mandal & Begumpur Mosque

Amidst perching on the roof of this shattered dome I’m sailing in the feeling of how it was to be waking up to the chirping birds in the unsmoked air of the green surroundings under the sprightly blue sky over the heads of sporadic population in the Medieval era of the city currently known as Delhi. […]


The 7 best experiences Asia has to offer

Asia is a vast and diverse continent, full of opportunity and surprise. For those travelling there, loads of amazing experiences await. Whether it’s simply relaxing on the shore of one of Thailand’s beautiful islands or getting lost in Tokyo, you’ll learn a lot about different cultures and yourself. Although your experiences will be unique to […]

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Review- Darbari Meditate Body Oil by Kama Ayurveda

When it comes to the question of health benefits and remedies associated with “Ayurveda” nobody can point out the authenticity of this naturalistic practice. It’s a 5000 years old gift from Vedic Era to the world of medical science blossomed on the pristine land of India. A natural way of healing ones life and bless […]

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Big Foot Museum, Loutolim, Goa- Gateway to an Ancestral Goa

Photo Blog of colorful Ancestral Goa Who doesn’t love Goa? A place that needs no introduction and is supremely famed for lavish clubs and casinos , exotic beaches, spirituality of churches, undisturbed greenery and youthful night life. No matter why, even with one visit you can find yourself arrested in the pleasantry vibes of Goa […]

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When that Red Bus of Mumbai triggered some momentary conflicts

“Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish but you only spend it once.”– Lillian Dickson. Gone were the days when people had finite aspirations and they used to enjoy the luxury of of time on hands. When transactions of wishes were not optional neither based on emotional less virtual […]


15 Family Travel Tips | For stress free vacations

All those concerns might keep you awake after the realization of the fact that now you couldn’t stick to the ‘happy- go- lucky couple’ tag when the question falls on your vacation after having kids. Now you have required to serve the strict path of bundles of responsibilities and plethora of groundwork where some parents able […]

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A moment to behold with the sight of Vagator Beach

While admiring this exotic view of Vagator’s Beach, by making my presence on dried bronzed bushy land of ruined Chapora Fort where soothing cool breeze whispering the glory of ancient Portuguese era, again my mind is flushing with hundreds of persistent thoughts that time-by-time, repeatedly get victory to mark questions on my existence. Questions that […]

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