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As I’ve just started my travel blog, it would be too early if I put a long list of services that I could offer without showing my writing skills and my insight about different places that I traveled yet.

Despite the fact where I am still endeavoring to design my site and getting introduced with its features since I am not a tech freak; yet if you like my work and think I’ve have an ability then I wish you to encourage me by giving feedback/ suggestions on my posts or simply put a comment, I’ll try my best to improve and make sure I do reply.

However my main motive is to inspire people about travel by exploring this world at least few places once in their lifetime but in near future I would like to provide services like:

Travel Writing/Blogging                                                                                                                                                     Hence I would like to make career in travelling and without writing its incomplete, it just like the cherry on the cake. I’ll try to manifest my writing skills by posting quality content via this blog. I am keen to work with tourism board, travel agency, aviation industry (my first love) to promote destinations and their related facilities in a sponsorship way.

Product reviews/ fashion brand promotions                                                                                                               As per my personal opinion a person should enjoy their trip with panache that must be comfortable and influenced by the choice of destination. I can help in promoting labels to provide the reviews on fashion brands along with the products associated with travel either on luxury or as a need.

Hotel/Resort reviews                                                                                                                                                              Long holidays with a luxurious stay is a perfect combination, I believe every family deserves at least a trip in a year to break monotony of life. I would love to share my stay experiences and can provide the platform if your accommodation would like to get reviewed and highlighted.

Online Social Media Campaigns /Travel Contests                                                                                              Social networking, online awareness promote the scope of advertisement as this media performs the major source to curb the knowledge hunger of common masses. I can work with brands in advertising their travel related contests and campaigns.

Animal Welfare                                                                                                                                                                         Apart from these, personally I love to help street dogs or any abandoned/ neglected animals. In India there is a lack of facilities, hospitals, NGO related to them who works for their welfare as one of the reasons is insufficient funds. Adoption is better than purchasing/shelter and sterilization is best alternate of euthanasia. As an extension to this travel blog I wish to help such needy animals whosoever is depriving from food, affection and required health by sharing their information to the one can help.

You can drop a mail to [email protected] to discuss your requirements in detail.

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