Pedigree launches New Pro Range- For better Weight Management of Dogs

Pedigree launches New Pro Range- For better Weight Management of Dogs

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As we all know dogs are the best companion of the human race since the dawn of this God’s green earth. Dogs are like family members to all those who know what these furry babies can be for his or her loved ones. We all have heard uncommon stories from around the world about their sacrifices, love, trust and faith for their masters while on the other hand, leaving behind the humanity there are certain examples of sadistic and barbarous acts executed by people on these little creatures. Dogs are our loyal friends and they treat us as their whole world without giving any second thought so any kind of heinous activity by portion of human society is unacceptable.

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My beloved ones

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Two Angles

When we share our home and hearts with our new four-legged babies

For me the term “Dog” doesn’t exists because the day when I got my first pet DODO (pug) my whole perception towards the breed or any other living organism went upside down, I swiftly start loving each and every one of them. Within a compact span of 3 months I felt that my first baby (that what he became to me by that time) is feeling alone in my absence, so being a responsible father I got him his better half BEBO and made our family complete. We welcomed both of them before the birth of our biological kid; they taught us the basics of upbringing of any child. They are elder brother and sister to my daughter with plethora of bookmarked incidences of care to her that need another blog for discussion about their generous regards towards us. It’s been over 7 years now and meanwhile we have adopted a stray as well while in this span we all have went through lots of leaps and bounce in terms of health of both of them (pugs are prone to skin and other health problems) specially for BEBO, as she was born with Hyperthyroidism but we as a family stick together and overcame all obstacles (Again a case study that needs separate space for discussion). Like we take care of our child in every circumstances we had make sure that both of our furry hounds won’t feel a single day that they are from another clan.

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Serve them close to hearts

They both are my sweethearts and I can’t visualize a day without them. The thought of having a relatively shorter span of life for them as comparative to human family brings tears in my eyes. There are a lot of misconception about having pets in India.

  • First, stop treating any animal as a toy. They are not born for satisfying your inane conducts or just for playing purpose depend on your mood, they are also living beings and they also feel pain. You have no right to get bored with them or to abandon in their needy days.
  • Take responsibility. Check your decision twice when you would like to having a pet. It’s an approx. 15 years liability and responsibility towards them that you have to take care without escaping from your duties any single day.
  • Observe behaviour by their body language. Don’t push their limits as per your choice. There are no bad dogs just have bad masters. Sound health, merry go round jumps, anxiety, depression, salutation’s excitement for meeting new people or aggressiveness are all mirror effects of their care by us. So give best of yours.
  • Choose safe and healthy pet foods full of energy and vital nutrients, treats and toys.

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Similar to humans, dog’s history are also strapped from unconnected parts of world that has developed different taste buds for different breeds, shapes and sizes as per the provided geographical conditions. That makes them separate in terms of eating patterns. Proper balanced diets along with sufficient physical activities are enormously important as their immune system, inner strength, engaging mood and exterior fur coat depends on the intake of quality food. There are certain prohibited and life riskier components and products are available which could be hazardous to their health and life. Like dark chocolates, tomatoes (coz of seeds), salty foods, grapes/raisins, garlic and onions, dairy products and many other items are downright bad for your furry babies and cause all sorts of health problems so you must avoid feed your dogs.

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Old client for Pedigree

Home cooked meal or packed food, again it’s a topic for debate but to the hilt it’s your decision unless the bowl filled with essential nourishment. After switching over to top-notch brands finally I got stick to one of the best brand for dog food in India i.e. Pedigree.  Here, I found the ultimate combination of nutrients that doesn’t make my pets fat and improved the texture of their coat. Pedigree is the most trusted and easy to pocket packed dog food brand in our country. They have all range of dog food available depending upon the needs and priorities of the clients. Their continuous research and development in the dog food sector make them a class apart.

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Launch of new Pedigree Pro Range

Most pet parents are often unaware about pet obesity but the fact is sedentary lifestyles, overfeeding and lack of exercise make a dog obese. Moving ahead on the path of customer satisfaction Pedigree came up with a PRO series –Expert nutrition for dogs specifically beneficial for weight management of dogs and they have approached us with this new range and as a trusted customer I would like to give it a try. Why not?? Somewhere I was assured internally that if Pedigree has made something then it’s definitely for the betterment of the species.

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Hence approved

As my pets are now in their middle age and moving towards the senior category, they need more attention in terms of their overall health, extra nutritional diet and adequate weight. They are also in requirement of supplement food which provides them stronger bones, helps them to reduce the fat and moreover should be focused on complete balanced nutrition. PRO Range of Pedigree is an expert nutritional dry food which fulfills all the mandatory elements as the components of this dry food purposefully for small breeds, Labrador, Middle aged and senior dogs, neutered dogs. I’ve been feeding them the PRO range since last 2 months and as you all know that Pugs and other small breeds have a predisposition to weight gain but I can see the positive effects in my kids like reduction of nominal weight. They have been more active now and their coats get shinier.

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What makes this food so special??

Pro Range contains L Carnitine – which helps them to burn fat. In other words, L Carnitine plays a core role in the metabolism of fats, it helps to break down body fat.

Glucosamine and Omega fatty acidsEffective canine joint supplements which are good for dogs healthy and strong joints.

All these ingredients make the food rich and perfect for your loved pets. It is now available in 6 variants, a 3 kgs. pack is costing for 1200 INR which serve a small breed for approx. 20 days and 10 days to large breeds. So, without skipping the entire or small portion of your dog’s meal you can opt for a professional weight management that meets nutrient requirements whilst reducing the overall calorie intake. Thanks Pedigree for this food range and I recommend every pet owner should go for this customized product formulated with high quality by veterinarians and nutritionists at WALTHAM. I’m extremely satisfied with the product and the results of it. My babies are happy and healthy.

Hope you enjoyed the post.

Disclaimer: I received the supply of Pedigree new Pro Seriesfor my pets to review but opinions are solely mine and unbiased.

With Smile,

Ritesh Sharma

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