Silver Jubilee Edition of SATTE, 2018

Silver Jubilee Edition of SATTE, 2018


Till last year even after bumping into the world of travel blogging I was surprisingly not plugged myself with the term “SATTE”. Was I the only one who need to be mocked of for being unfamiliar to one of the buzz of travel industry; to the institution that contribute a platform to enthusiasts and professionals of travel, tourism and hospitality at grand scale. Where in 2018 it hosts over 1000 exhibitors and participants from over 50 countries and 28 Indian states. SATTE which is known as South Asia Travel and Tourism Exchange was being organised from Jan 31- Feb 2,2018 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. It has become the biggest tourism event in South Asia and with this year’s exhibition SATTE has achieved it’s Silver Jubilee Edition supported by Incredible India which is quite a milestone for a successful journey throughout these years.

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Not only the travel show was partnered by various countries and disparate states but also by assorted hotels, aviation industry, start-ups, online travel portals, adventure and luxury tourism sectors and many more. Also introduced I-Pledge campaign to promote sustainable tourism. Last year I received the invitation from UBM India who hosted the SATTE Awards in 2018 as well.

Representation of skill


Being a diverse country India has a huge tourism potential and emerged as a significant market for travel industry. If we talk about an earlier generation means our parents and even before than those people used to spend one’s life in an undemanding manner with reduced desires and elementary lifestyle. The word “Travelling” was usually limited to the urge of visiting some random pilgrimage sites with family on the name of blessings and internal peace. Here, I’m uttering about a huge section of middle class who on the basis of their inherited values was be more partial to visit their extended families on holidays instead of exploring totally new places. They didn’t want to take risk, neither it was their nature nor it was the demand of time. Remaining minor segment would love to wander on the convenience of LTA or due to their transferable government job. In that era people used to stay close as a bond; concept of nuclear family was not accepted with open arms. Time has changed so do the thought process of people. Pioneering the culture of multinationals and corporate they tend to accept the experimental values come out of globalization. Elevated growth in income flow and lower cost of airlines expand the probability of Indian tourism industry. Our country has so much diversity which is enough to content every portion’s interest starting from who love luxury travel to off-beat itineraries to buyers of conventional package tours and budget packers.

Enthusiasm at its peak

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You can imagine the magnificence of the travel show 

In 2017 when I first attended the South Asia’s Leading Travel Show, it happened to me as a colorful event where it had live cultural dances, music, enriched with international/national performances, vibrant costumes, big setups. Since then I wanted to bring Ritesh along so this time I asked him to join me and the expo didn’t downhearted us at all. But instead of having passes we hold back our quality noon time in a long queue, I suggest they must have appropriate management system for such expecting crowd. Once done with registration we commenced our walk from the hall assigned to  states, to be precise from Rajasthan (our home town). Its always good to show some respect and preference. There were appealing setups and counters for states like Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, West Bengal, Kashmir, Incredible India etc. giving the reflection of tableau. You can recall a glimpse from India’s Republic Day Parade, perfectly adorning the view at one place.

Every state’s setup depicting its cultural glimpse

Colors…colors everywhere….

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This expo forms an easy connection with tourism boards under one roof where bloggers can skillfully grab the networking opportunities provided they have decent proposal and standard media kit. Vitally not essential that people from every nook and corner does know about blogging, the concept is still fresh to more than half of the population. Then you’ve to define the meaning, in-outs, way of working of bloggers; one of the recurrent concern people have about the earning. Now who tell them its just peanuts, nobody can compare it with the comfort of salary of full time job; for the time being luxury only persisting to tech or fashion bloggers.


In these 3 days there were presentations, workshops, panel discussions, award ceremonies and knowledge sharing sessions as part of the entire event. We admire the beauty of people who adorned themselves in attractive costumes and we got ourselves clicked with few of them for the sake of some memories we should have. One of the hot tourist attraction Madam Tussauds has recently opened its 24th wax museum in New Delhi so for the promotion it also grabbed a place. I insists Ritesh not to loose the chance of holding Katrina but his shyness in front of me killed the opportunity. 🙂 . Clicks, appreciation, admiration and interactions that what we did that day.

Kazakhstan’s snow white beauties

Bollywood’s charm

Some creative art piece from Thailand

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That’s what I could capture

It was a  Super Moon Day and while spending our day in SATTE this almost slipped from my mind that I was eagerly waiting for this incredible sight. So just 15 minutes before ending of the duration I got these pictures, almost all clear 🙁 . But I was still happy as it was my first time for capturing a moon. Otherwise on Jan 31st, sky gazers from across the world had witness an astounding phenomenon when a super moon coincided with a Blood Moon/ Blue Moon and a total Lunar Eclipse. That’s why it was called as Super Blue Blood Moon, all media sources were flooded immediately with eye catching beauty of the moon.







10 thoughts on “Silver Jubilee Edition of SATTE, 2018

  1. The event sounds so lovely! I’m glad you enjoyed it thoroughly. Beautiful pics, too!
    I would love to be a part of something like this. I’m not sure if such an event is held in Bangalore too.

  2. This looks like a business expo unlike any other. SATTE seems to have provided you with an opportunity to have diverse experiences and exposure to different places, all under the same roof.

  3. It must be quite an experience learning more about diverse cultures and interacting with individuals from different parts of the world – all at the same place! I’ve never been to a tour fair before, but my impression was just stiff competition amongst various travel agencies (or maybe, that’s just what happens here in SG).

  4. Great post. I’m looking at attending some expos this yeah but have to decide which are best for me to get to. Maybe this one is too far but it looks amazing and you’ve taken some fantastic pictures. Glad you didn’t miss the supermoon!

  5. The SATTE has emerged as one of the leading travel exhibitions in India and all of South Asia. It is a great opportunity for networking and also getting to know the recent advances in the travel industry. Could not attend this year, hope to be there next year.

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