Martinu Czech Philharmonic- Indian tour of music concert by Czech Republic

Martinu Czech Philharmonic- Indian tour of music concert by Czech Republic

Humans scored borders and still clashing for its extension that keeps on refueling hatred, creating separation among the beings who were meant to unfurl the happiness on the planet. But there are some beautiful elements as cure that sheath the distance between sore hearts. Music is efficient to traverse and get absorbed by souls beyond boundaries without approval of any laws and protocols. It bring cultures and diversities of countries together even if you’re not multilingual. Isn’t it great that music knows no language.

“Music is so important. it changes thinking, it influences everybody; whether they know it or not. Music knows no boundary lines.” — Irving Berlin.

Martinu Czech Philharmonic

Invitation to the Gala Event

And the same I felt when I caught the outstanding performances of Symphony Orchestra Martinu Czech Philharmonic from Czech Republic at Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi. Affair was to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic relations between Czechia and India. This was a significant effort in the direction of bilateral relationship between two countries. Attended by 5000 Indian classified music enthusiasts not only by who holds depth proficiency in the classical music but also by bureaucrats, ambassadors and other delegates who were supposed to be the part of celebration during their entire round trips to Goa, Mumbai, Kolkata and New Delhi.

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Being a salaried employee in one of the sponsor companies, Ritesh got 2 invites for the concert. A fringe benefit what I admire about corporate world is employees get work exposure further than the perimeter of their motherland by ways of travelling beside performing teamwork with people from different culture, apprehend their lifestyle pattern and most of the time without leaving own cubicle. In the fullness of time, I miss this culture since three years yet contented that once I had a kind of life like this.

It was one nippy Delhi’s evening and I sophisticatedly dressed up myself formal as per the demand of the gathering. We were at time but were instructed not to carry camera inside. Program started with national anthems of both the countries. We made ourselves comfortable on the seats from where we could attain the best view of stage. Following the ritual of any formal event, the audience was addressed by the Ambassadors of the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and by European Union to India where they dispensed their thoughts about 70 years of diplomatic relations of Czechia and India and shared their sincere thanks to everyone who expressed contribution to the night’s accomplishment.

Martinu Czech Philharmonic1

In the era of globalization, it’s quint essential to sustain a prosperous bonding with the remaining world and when we know that Czech Republic is a culturally advanced country hence appreciation of their culture and tradition in the form of music would assuredly gonna proved as the milestone for sound alliance in the present and future.

Found connection with cutties

Amongst the proceedings of cherishing art, I found a cute little cat family where echo of kittens were harmonizing with chords of Orchestra. Might be the auditorium was their home which infrequently platform such performances and undoubtedly the crowd had disturb their peace. That was hard to understand by those little souls; was feeling pity for them hope they had manage to escape in the entire session from hands of caretakers.

History of the Orchestra Martinu Czech Philharmonic 

60 members of Orchestra and their musical instruments intensified rhythm of the ambiance from their refined melodious composition. The Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1920’s that was renamed in 1989 as “The Martinu Czech Philharmonic ” and has become an important Czech orchestra that staged various international music festivals and features regularly on radio and T.V. by showcasing young performing artists and invites guest performers and musicians from the world of classical music as well from other musical genres too. Group has conducted their tours to plethora of countries like Italy, Croatia, Greece, Poland, Ukraine and elsewhere.

 An Indian Maestro Debashish Chaudhari  has been regularly conducting the Philharmonic since 2013 and due to the special bonding he invited the Martinu Czech Philharmonic and performed as the first Czech Orchestra in India where they enchanted audience in Mumbai and Kolkata. I never knew that Indians gained the mastery of this subject as well, could be a proud feeling for anyone.

Less knower about music, i just enjoyed those moments and the Piano based performances lead by his wife Pianist Jana Chaudhari, winner of more than 25 piano national/ international competitions. she ranks among the most outstanding Czech pianists. Definitely the charm of music played as a cupid in bringing these two souls together. This evening evinced to me as the briefing of international classical music so that next time I don’t show my impassive face to any such musical gathering.

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