Treehouse Hotel, Club & Spa, Bhiwadi in Rajasthan launches first ever Hotel Art Exhibition- ARTOTEL

Treehouse Hotel, Club & Spa, Bhiwadi in Rajasthan launches first ever Hotel Art Exhibition- ARTOTEL

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Until last few days, being a Delhi localites we all were choking our lungs out in the smog of the city and straining our lifestyle to get restful in the toxic air of the surrounding with no option left than punishing our anatomy. So meanwhile, an invitation for the first ever Hotel Art Exhibit-ARTOTEL- “Past Through the Lens of the Future” launched by Treehouse Hotel, Club & Spa, Bhiwadi acts as a lifesaver escape for me and my family.


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A city in Alwar district of Rajasthan known as an industrial hub of the state. To where I’d never been before expect the advertisement that I listened on FM radio for its upcoming projects claimed to be in the best location for investment due to easy accessibility and approach from the bustling city life of Delhi/NCR. And certainly that certified my perspective, when during the journey the bright sun what I was missing in the capital beneath the dense layer of pollution zapped down the surface of my skin before reaching the property.

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Treehouse Hotels and Resorts 

Treehouse Hotels and Resorts is one of the premium name in hospitality and operates under business and leisure segments. After a comfy ride, first look of the entrance gallery and a warm welcome blown me away. After checking in we were headed to our allocated room on first floor.

Treehouse Bhiwadi-Artotel24

It was quite spacious and have minimalist decor equipped with facilities like WIFI, telephone, in-room personal locker, 31 inch LCD and other customary services and this goes to every 101 rooms that resort features under 7 categories reconsidering the wide taste of people which further divides in 2 wings – 1) The Business Wing– designed for corporate conference groups and can be treated as home for long stay guests while on the other hand 2) The Resort Wing ensured the comfort ideal for short and group holidays as an exemplary gateway far just from a 30 min drive from Gurgaon and making it one of the most desired location. Either way, this property is perfect for day outing, conferencing or weddings. They have a wide range of “Weekend Package” where you can check the prices.

Treehouse Bhiwadi-Artotel5
Spacious room

Treehouse Bhiwadi-Artotel12

What was the best part of our room, the view from the cosy corner of the window to the luscious greens where anyone can spend hours while reading a book which usually we miss in our routines of metros.

Treehouse Bhiwadi-Artotel8

Tempting Lunch

We skipped our snacks hour and straightly hopped on into the library for the lunch. Yes, it was chiefly organised for bloggers otherwise they have two dining areas Chips & Chappati and The Colonel’s Den. In the library a jumbo size doughnut was waiting for us. With warm gestures Mr. Jayant SinghFounder and Managing Director of Karma Hospitality welcomed Chiyu to dig in that chocolate monster. Being in the state of Rajasthan along with the company of Rajputi owner and being a Rajput blood self how could I deny to savor spicy delicacies of Royal Land.

Treehouse Bhiwadi-Artotel14
Amazing library setup like any “Baithak”

Treehouse Bhiwadi-Artotel13
Yeeehhh!! Cake cutting is hers favorite thing.

Thoroughgoing from starters to desserts the whole menu was crowned by the Rajasthani tag and the explosion of flavours- Jodhpuri Pulao, Mohan Murgh, tangy Amrood (Guava) ki Sabzi, Tomato & Sev Curry, quintessential Gatte ki Sabzi (Gatta Curry) and show stealer Kala Maas that was based on Lal Maas. Chef JJ Mishra from Bihar shared the story behind of this recipe which he prepared and cooked for Maharaja of Jodhpur, Maharaj Gaj SinghOver the glass of wine and irresistibly food we discussed some humor about the fading trend of our lion-hearted community and about other properties of the brand located in Sawai Madhopur, Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Neemrana, Goa and Gurgaon.

Treehouse Bhiwadi-Artotel15
Mr. Jayant Singh, Ritesh & Chef J.J. Mishra (L-R) over the conversation

Treehouse Bhiwadi-Artotel23
Snacks time- Wanna nibble?

But the core feature for which we were excited and wanted to know more about was ARTOTEL– A creative free play of paints and brush between talented young Industrial Designers and local artists from Sawai Madhopur- Rajasthan. They provide the hotel’s pillars for guests as canvas of expression for synchronizing the melody of their inner child with the freshness of the environment.

Treehouse Bhiwadi-Artotel17
Artists recreating their hard work and creativity

Treehouse Bhiwadi-Artotel16
But who can beat her…

It’s an appreciable initiative as I consistently dream for giving a basic carefree childhood to Chiyu like this far from any ruling technology which nowadays fastening to innocent small fingers of adolescence to hi-tech gadgets instead of getting hands dirty in mud or paint brush. So, at least for few moments my wish comes true and this simple candid act of dyeing hands dirty in paints bring excitement and joy on her face. What else parents can demand for the happiness of their kids. Not only kids, other guests too relish the moments in the same way by feeling nostalgic. As a kid of an art teacher I spent my youth period by indulging in various styles of creativity and that’s why this creative expression of art is a moral concept of providing platform to the talent from underdeveloped lands for showcasing their art.

Treehouse Bhiwadi-Artotel18

In the words of Jayant Singh, ” Artotel is the first edition in our series, where
we have worked with upcoming talent and local artistes. We have used the walls of the resort as the canvas, as we wanted the hotel to bear testimony to this event, and make the art a part of the hotel itself. We would invite our guests to also be part of such experiences and events and express their inherent talents across multiple platforms, including art!”

Treehouse Bhiwadi-Artotel4
Small happiness

Treehouse Bhiwadi-Artotel25
Treehouse- Artotel- Curator Ishita Kumar

Speaking on the same Ishita Kumar, Industrial Designer, said “We were very keen to bring a contemporary and relevant touch to the work of the local artistes, and it was interesting to look at how many things we took for granted in the 90’s and which now no longer exist with the advent of new technology. It was a great experience to actually showcase this on the walls of the hotels, giving us a large canvas for our work.”

Treehouse Bhiwadi-Artotel21
Relaxing sitting area

Treehouse Bhiwadi-Artotel9

Curated Cocktail Session

We had a break and put ourselves on some rest as evening would going to be glorified by an interesting session of Cocktail Mixing. Sounds of glass clink enhance the snug of the gathering if it is filled with warm drinks. Boosted my knowledge of about stirring, build up and shaking up of few cocktails and mocktails along with patterns of glass. From which couple of drinks were based on the book CHEERS- 365 degrees” whose author is veteran writer and journalist, Sharmila Chand who self graced the evening. Among the vodka and whisky based drinks I like the Dragon Warmer from Bhutan made up from lukewarm apple juice, caramelized rum and cinnamon sticks which is good for winters and give you the fizzy feeling. Another drink was Oriental Spice, like a new version of Bloody Mary and instead of tomato it was guava based. But what raised the temptation was the coating of glass rim from salt and chilly flakes that made complete vodka blend spicy from Tabasco sauce and a big hit in kitty parties. To soothe down the flavors by overloaded sweetness Chuski  made from mango, kiwi and strawberry was kindly perfect for kids.

Treehouse Bhiwadi-Artotel2
Everything ready for juicy session

Treehouse Bhiwadi-Artotel7
Author & Journalist Sharmila Chand

Treehouse Bhiwadi-Artotel
2 nikke nikke shots -Lover of spices??

Pool side BBQ under the open sky

 Arrangements were made for BBQ and Karaoke session next to the spectacular swimming pool under the twinkling stars and pleasant crispy air to breathe. A proper setup for romantic diner date for any couple to have the smokey, fantastic gastronomical experience and surely this stole my heart.After cherishing those fun moments we called up the day.

Treehouse Bhiwadi-Artotel20
Charm of fairy lights

Treehouse Bhiwadi-Artotel22
Ohh!! this mind-blowing setup

We woke up early to adore the warm tender sunrise to get soaked in . Chiyu would like to dive in Kiddie Pool but early morning chilly water limited her to slides. You can ask for baby sitter from the hotel’s staff if you want to unwind at the resort for some “ME” time which is quite a relief for parents.

Treehouse Bhiwadi-Artotel1
Managed some “ME” time while Chiyu was busy in playing in greens.

With all such recreational and sports activities, Gym, Spa, Squash court, kiddie pool, Slides, Jungle Gyms; makes this property one of the desired location of your most awaited break within a reach of couple of hours of your busy schedule. Definitely, I would like to explore their another properties in future.

Treehouse Bhiwadi-Artotel6

Me & my family were invited by Treehouse Hotel, Club & Spa, Bhiwadi


Priyanka Singh






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