Few momentous chapters on Delhi Jaipur Highway

Few momentous chapters on Delhi Jaipur Highway

I’m on the way to Jaipur and there’s no need to shuffle my mind to recollect all the splendid and ordinary memories from the time of my childhood which are linked to NH-8. This highway had witness my countless to and fro in between two cities which are close to my heart i.e. Delhi and Jaipur. One destined for my birth and carving my career and another one for my education and escalating my teenage love to whom I got married. These roads have seen me crossing the age of undemanding adolescence to happy-go -lucky youngster trying to settle her foot in unknown world of corporate to an expecting mature lady and now as an adult mother of a perky girl child.
Highway NH81
Conventionally, most of the time many of us love to cherish all our attention to the destination, lesser are those who admire the breeze of their journeys. My mind is flushing with thousands of remembrances happened on this peculiar black stretched concrete. Even though I’m not able to concentrate on just one, they are congested from smiles and loaded with tears. If you’re anticipating much, this post is an utter no- no to any winsome recital that might took place at any off beat destination while this one is stacked with some intense emotions.

  • If you know a bit about Jaipur, one of the tourist city of Golden triangle and is surrounded by Aravalli Range . Range that runs from New Delhi pass through Southern Haryana, bejeweled its glory in Rajasthan that ends flaunting in Gujarat. In winters, imagine the view of overgrown yellow fields of mustard in the backdrop of Aravalli; its irresistible. These vistas are unfailingly prevail my favoritism. But I’ve seen gradual demolition of lush green hills of Aravalli Range for satisfying human needs & greed. Organic scenery are loosing its space and sacrificing to calibrate the swelling essentials of human race. Seems like this planet is meant for us only; no respect, no home, no food for other species and versatile nature.

Highway NH82

  • Invariably I espouse the benefits of train over road transport but with the passing time I turned to later one too. Though this life changing incident is not exactly a part of this NH-8 memories trail but somehow I couldn’t relief myself without mentioning it. While studying in Jaipur I accidentally cracked an interview for the job post in Delhi though I didn’t want to catch it. It was the spinning mark that pace up my affair with the highway. But that’s destiny life is beautiful with new challenges and without complaints. That has been proved as one of the best experiences from this gateway of my life. Got new friends, new city, new challenges, new learnings, became self dependent accompanied with money power without the shadow of parents that took me one step ahead of self transformation from a shy to bit confident girl and altogether this makes me happier.
in the comfort of Volvo
  • My husband (that time’s BF ) couldn’t bear the separation and made his destiny by moving down to the same city within tenure of 2 months :D. Again his transitioning made ‘US’ happy, I repeat not just ‘ME’ and had mapped down this highway together several times. After the entire courtship of more than 4 years we got married and beyond that line only I got to know the actual meaning of travelling. I’ve no shame to accept that before marriage I accompanied my parents in couple of spiritual tours as they don’t have itchy feet, that was the only bucket I was carrying. No doubt, he has just not only proved as the lone soul I loved the most but also as the best travel mate yet. He is too adventurous as me, we make itineraries together, hop sight seeings together and I feel most comfortable with him on any trip without any need of bunch of extra friends.
Highway NH85
Raw beauty of nature
  • There was an amusing incidence where how a bunch of monkeys got afraid from our pet DODO & BEBO might be coz of their weird face (pugs have short snout) that they had never seen in their lifetime on that highway other than regular snout face of street dogs.


  • How I still regret of not helping a dying dog who met an accident and was lying in the mid of busy highway as we couldn’t dare to step out of our car by shielding an invisible cloak of an excuse for my full term pregnancy. He was wagging his tale in pain and I’ve done nothing to save that poor soul’s life instead chosen the hump of burden for lifetime. Death is an inevitable truth that we cant deny but life hurts more than death till its last breath which is unbearable.
Highway NH84
Vistas that you never get short of
  • Never forgot the day I brought back 3 new lives to our home in Delhi; our new borns- Chiyu (my poppet daughter) & 2 spongy, cuddly mischievous duo son- daughter of DODO & BEBO (our pets). We all were getting in new phase of our lives where I would have to share the maximum portion of chock full of responsibilities. Where today time has faded that intensity of anxiety, excitement, fear, happiness but still I can connect with the glimpse of plethora of feelings. Life is leaving behind a trail of memories.
Highway NH86
Always love these showcasing of heritage monuments on Volvo buses of #RTDC
  • Delhi & Jaipur are hardly 270 Kms away in distance and both are well known tourist destinations holding their cultural heritage and contemporary lifestyles. I’ve spent childhood by habituating of foreigners on various sightseeing of Jaipur. Related to this, once a backpacker was my travel companion in a state roadway’s bus. Coz we Indians believe in “Athithi Devo Bhav”, as a kind gesture I offered her my packet of fruit cake. She drooled in such a way that indicates how hungry she was. In a blink of moment she ate all the pieces. You can imagine the level of her hunger and I could comprehend the plight of hers. Is travel so essential that a person needs to bargain his/her survival?

Highway NH8

  • No road journey is complete without skipping episodes of breakdown. So happened to me too, in tenure of these years I’ve experienced few failures as well in the barren brown view of dry summers, in the backcloth to the swaying mustard meadows masked with blooming yellow crop. In incredible cozy vistas which are quite abundant to reap the dreams of hope for life. Such seasonal variation indicates, how worst can anyone’s time is but it will turn around. Apart these, have seen countless foggy days & nights that made our speed creep. Not only this, till couple of years ago due to construction of multiple flyovers (approx. 7 at a time) those would’ve planned for the reformation of this linking concrete which is now known for its butter smooth glide movements was once made it the worst conditioned and time occupying road. At present the connectivity between both the cities is pretty sound, one can opt public transport of Haryana Roadways, Rajasthan Roadways or Private buses according to the their convenience of basic or luxury of Volvo. By following the rule of unpredictability there are chances to get stuck on the road and at the same time you have an utmost probability to easily hop on another connecting vehicle. So don’t worry.
Highway NH83
One of the midway on Jaipur-Delhi highway
  • Similar to this one, normally Delhi Jaipur distance can be covered within 4 to 5 hrs but that one day it was stretched into 12 hrs journey. But as we know that whatever is planned it happened for a reason, one of the travel companion with a high spirit of positive vibes save the entire panic time that could have possibly turned into a nightmare.

Life is the name to own the moments that haven’t even happened yet. Some chapters we’ve closed already some yet to begin so just keep moving on. It’s a promise we’ll meet thunders, we’ll meet rains & we’ll meet sunshine but we have no option to stop. What are your travel experiences??
“Sometimes in life, we become so focused on the finish line that we fail to find joy in the journey.”

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10 thoughts on “Few momentous chapters on Delhi Jaipur Highway

  1. Those travel days, looking out the window onto whatever scenery unfolds in front of my eyes is when I reflect on life, where I’ve been, what I’ve done. Seems you’ve made a lot of life altering decisions and reflections on that highway! Kudos for this post, love the concept and how inspiring it is. x

  2. That’s a cool road trip. I do love a good bus ride as well and if the weather is nice, its always a good fun!!! That too if you can connect a road to all important events in your life, that’s like a movie!!! Monkeys got scared of your pugs? That’s funny!!!

  3. I definitely find solitude taking trips down memory lane! Its perfect to reflect on life…you bringing back your daughter and your two pets. Life happens so fast so its good you can ponder it.

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