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Review- Darbari Meditate Body Oil by Kama Ayurveda

When it comes to the question of health benefits and remedies associated with “Ayurveda” nobody can point out the authenticity of this naturalistic practice. It’s a 5000 years old gift from Vedic Era to the world of medical science blossomed on the pristine land of India. A natural way of healing ones life and bless them again in a way of regenerating harmony among mind, body and spirit. A quintessential balance required that we are losing behind by ignoring self and rushing behind to our so-called self-made hectic schedule. But then it’s a trend we can’t ignore, we have to link ourselves to the remaining world without cherishing the value of following strict regime in order of missing meals, personal care (except chemical based products/ cosmetics for fast results), by avoiding physical exercises, feeling low sense of happiness and gratitude and to indulge in more cribs and complains.
And why this is happening to the world when this profound issue has been known by everyone but denied by many. People don’t want to push themselves towards the impeccable advantages of disciplined lifestyle till they notice some alarming stage.

My deflection towards Yoga & Ayurveda 

Personally, I prefer the fusion of Ayurveda along with Yoga, both goes hand in hand. It’s been 5 years since when I fell in love with both. I was an Algophobic, it was a time when I couldn’t even stand against a thought to bear a pain of mere injection or to have a glimpse of hospital and consistent thoughts of would be labor pain was becoming an annoying concern for me from the time of my marriage. For many it was a matter of joke but only I knew that I’ve to do something and have to train my mind with meditation and healthy eating. That I practiced for 9 whole months and I succeeded by giving birth to my child through normal delivery, an unimaginable task for me.
Consistent practice of Yoga enhances our physical mental well-being, we have to just focus with intact determination. We have to praise ourselves, cherish ourselves and don’t forget we have that potential, stamina and flexibility. If we would like to make a better world we have to build a best self. You know that there is a saying: that NO Gym, No Workout but kitchen is the only dominant origin for tremendous health. Little bit of research and we can treat ourselves from our old ‘Desi’ treatments; but with patience. Ayurveda is all about this; from healthy food we can manage our mood, can uplift our smile counts, feel energetic, become an owner of healthy skin and hairs and divert our mind in relaxed zone and to become stronger to handle this world. It’s a hardcore matter of perspective.


KA is a 15 years old company of India and the brand’s unique bedrock is to create pure Ayurvedic products by backing up all and only authentic prescriptions. KAMA AYURVEDA is pure, real, true and kind as they use highest quality of natural and organic ingredients. Artificial colours, use of parabeans, harmful addictives, synthetic fragrances or petrochemicals are simply a NO NO for them. Means no fusion; as they use genuine old methods for a balanced mix of Ayurvedic components. For animal lovers, good news is that their products are not tested on animals. KA products are reliable and safe based on the roots of our ancient history of Ayurveda. They have an entire collection of body care from tip to toe but also known for its iconic beauty treatments such as Kumkumadi Miraculous Beauty Fluid and Organic coconut Oil, Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment.

Benefits of Massage

Body massage has its own advantages and as Asian who knows better than us in the world. This helps in relaxing the mind and in dissolving muscle tension, stress plus pain. There are plethora of types and techniques elaborated for separate issues depend on the body requirement. All above of any creme I prefer oil massage that made from assorted ingredients.

My experience with Kama Ayurveda Darbari Meditate Body Oil

This is my first time trial with any of the product of the company. After having a look on the components of the oil I couldn’t resist myself to use it.
Product Description: Darbari have proper mix of pure essential oils as below that help in reducing stresses senses, revitalizing the skin and ease mind tension.

  • Lavender- this has antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties, used as natural antiseptic, in insomnia, nerve and joint pain, depression etc.
  • Clary Sage- Considered as one of the top essential oil for harmones. Increases blood circulation, works as a stress reliever, promotes skin health. Kills bacteria and infection.
  • JojobaEssential Vitamins of Jojoba helps in reducing wrinkles and the visible effects of aging, retains moisture without clogging the pores, good for hairs too.
  • PeppermintGives cooling sensation and has a calming effect on the body.
  • SesameA natural moisturizer, removes wrinkles and have other benefits.
  • SunflowerActs as an effectual moisturising agent, improves overall hydration. Vitamin E is extremely high that helps in smoothening existing wrinkles. Rich in Vit. A, C, D and Beta Carotene.

Instead of giving a full body trial I try out just for my feet and no doubts Results are amazing.

  • Firstly, as soon as I released some oil, its earthy yet floral soothing aroma held me spellbound. That’s left my senses so calm.
  • Next, gentle massage on the skin left a feeling of calm alertness. Unlike other basic oil, Darbari is light and quickly absorbed by my skin without leaving shiny, sticky layer.
  • Darbari is 100% natural that spreads its charm on my skin. Its regular use can made your skin glowing, youthful and hydrated.
  • Warm feeling, even before the friction from the touch of my palms; that’s so relaxing.
  • For travellers, it’s good to carry the oil as the bottle comes in a handy and a leak proof pack. You can easily slip it in your carry the bag for the daily care of the skin against dust, sun and bad weather especially if you’re travelling to any dry and cold place that helps in reducing moisture loss from the skin surface and day long you can stay inattentively hydrated.


  • -Avoid the use during pregnancy coz of Clary Sage that can cause uterine contractions that may be dangerous.
  • -Same, the oil is not for infants and toddlers.
  • -Neither preferable for hair use.
  • Use within 3 months after  it works wonder on the skin. Gently massage into your skin with slow strokes from palms. I preferably use before bed, if you wish you can use pre and post bath too.


 Rs 425/100 ml

Highly recommended: So what are you waiting for, just don’t go on my words. If you want to have nourished skin just go grab a bottle of KAYA Ayurveda Darbari Meditate Body Oil and share your experience with me. You can buy it from their official site: 
After March,2017 this is my first post; that too on Ayurveda/ or on Skin care product not on travel.  Wondering why??Things happened and still off the course so I’m attempting to divert the track of my life again back to normal and meanwhile I’ve tried hard to originate the love for self as a fighter not as looser. So this post is dedicated to the results of the dense efforts I made with the help of meditation and Ayurveda in overcoming depression and erecting my confidence again.

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  1. This is quite interesting – I didnt know about the benefits of those essential oils!

  2. Interesting product! The Kama Ayurveda Darbari Meditate Body Oil seems like it works wonders, especially after a stressful day at work!

  3. I might have to try the Lavender one. I’ve done yoga for over ten years but have been looking for ways to better my practice and improve my meditation. This is great!

  4. Very interesting – hadn’t heard of this oil, but will check it out. But completely agree with you on the awesome properties of ancient healing techniques and yoga.

  5. It’s really useful article. Now a days we are not giving a importance to our skin because we don’t have a time. But this is really useful information. If you want get health product click here:

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