Big Foot Museum, Loutolim, Goa- Gateway to an Ancestral Goa

Big Foot Museum, Loutolim, Goa- Gateway to an Ancestral Goa

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Welcome to the Ancestral Goa

Photo Blog of colorful Ancestral Goa

Who doesn’t love Goa? A place that needs no introduction and is supremely famed for lavish clubs and casinos , exotic beaches, spirituality of churches, undisturbed greenery and youthful night life. No matter why, even with one visit you can find yourself arrested in the pleasantry vibes of Goa that couldn’t let you resist from convincingly temptation of falling in love with this Union territory; same has happened to me. But this time I desired to quantify as a local, some hidden gems other than fundamental Goan landmarks for which common masses drool for. So before our trip I took out the map and done the entire R&D for such masked sightseeing that depicts arts, culture and history of Goa; among the lengthy list I got to know about Big Foot Museum in Loutolim the side I’d never been before. This is a worth visiting place and that I make you sure by this photo blog.

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Cashew-one of the major crop of Goa, how do you like the taste of Feni??

History behind the conception of the museum

This ‘Open Air Museum’ showcase the Goan heritage in a spellbinding layout of model village spread over 9 acres of land on a hillock which was a barren land before 1994. It a stab to serve you the glimpse of authentic rural Goan lifestyle in a platter so that anyone could easily visualize how the ancestors subsisted centuries ago under the influence of Portuguese; how they managed to hitched themselves with their roots. It is an attempt to portray the idealistic day to day life and customs of Konkan people in an very attractive manner through arresting and vibrant figures.

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Do you know Ganesh Chaturthi was the main festival of old Konkani Goa.

Miniature set up of Goan village is a brainchild of Mr. Maendra Jocelino Arujo Alvares, he is an enterprising artist who carved a 14 meters by 5 meters sculpture of Saint Mira Bai. That brought this intention into Limca Book of Records” in 1996 and grabbed 3 another awards like ‘Unique World records”, “Book of records-India”, “World Records India’ in the year 2012.

A self travel museum that provides you automated guided tour where you acquired information from audio guides in a way of electronic speakers and from the details displayed on the exhibits. I believe this is one of its kinds of knowledge sharing of history where kids would love to spend time and the layout that makes them curious about Goa what it supposed to be. I wish for every history class would be interesting like this.

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Travelling is all about discovering other cultures and walks of life and that you get to know from flavors of traditional heritage once you enter the main gate. Where Palanquin/ Paalki is adorning the wall of the entrance and a beautiful antique fan hanging on your head made from red silk cloth. You can get the glimpse of old Goa (I’m happy that I found way more Indian, with Maharashtrian touch, Not the period under the influence of Portuguese colonists) in this Hall of Fame via many photographs.

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Nothing refresh more than this

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Lord Parshuram

After we crossed the reception we met the figure of the legendary God Parshuram (an Avatar of Lord Vishnu) and is believed to create the land of Goa by shooting an arrow from Sahyadri mountains into the Arabian Sea, quite fascinating information. Looking forward, the whole place is overshadow the greenery of shrubs and trees that soothes your eyes. Assorted miniature houses with the concoction of models of villagers that shows us the traditional occupations and social classes. You can identify them from their outfits they used to have in those days like Fisherman (Clothing made from the leaves of Taar that protects them from rain and harsh sun), Goan artisans, basket weaver, bangle seller, Cobbler, flower seller. Music school of. Feni Distillery (famous Goan liquor), country liquor shop and many other small setups of compulsive views.

So moreover Goan people stayed depended on nature and focused on biodegradable. Means the originality in its true way.

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A life so relaxed

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Mythological aspects linked with BigFoot

Big Foot is also known as the devotional place where wishes comes true, do you want to know the legend behind. This is the story of a person Mahadar who was too generous that helped the needy of his vicinity. Slowly and steadily his this supporting nature got the reason of his downfall and after loosing his family and wealth he had no way left to turn off. In the last years of his life he worshiped God by standing upon one leg on a rock for the betterment of mankind. Finally pleased with his prayers God granted him his wishes and declared that whosoever pray the embedded big foot with pure heart would be blessed. Truth or Myth I can’t make any judgement but inside the cave you feel the influencing pure aura, those scented joss sticks and in flow of cool pleasant breeze from the small windows of mud walls are enough to make your spiritual spirits high.

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Big Foot- Where wishes come true

Here, we met 2 smiling faces of 2 years younger Kalyani and her mother, members of an Orissa family who are employed here as care takers of this place since 10 years. Quite a long time, don’t you think so?? Far from their motherland but so what they are working in an interesting land of Goa for which people are excited and wish to die for. We spent almost half an hour while sitting there by watching video of historical tale of Mahadar and gained significance of Big Foot. Shared few sweets with Kalyani and a conversation with her mother enough to give her some moments of joy, feelings of oneness on adventitious land, as a passing travelers you must do that.

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Seller of authentic Goan sweets and delicacies

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Majestic sculpture of Sant Mira Bai

Besides the Eco-friendly aspects of the setup another core glared characteristic of the museum is Largest, Biggest, Fastest Red Laterite Sculpture of Sant Mira Bai carved in Greco-Roman style on one stone that too in a record time of 30 days. On noticing, you find singing on Ektara and different ornaments embellishing her in a way of red Kumkum on her forehead, armlet intensifying the beauty of her arms and anklet giving her the Indian touch.

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Award winning sculpture of Sant Mira Bai

It is an aesthetic representation where greenery in the surroundings enhance the mesmerizing appeal of the scenery. Here, their only purpose is to preserve the nature and bring it closer to us without use of chemicals , they only focuses on organic manure and farming. In the area there are 35 varieties of local and exotic birds, have one Spice yard, Bird display, Cane water station, Spring (Boca Da Vaca), Rubber plantation. Quite sufficient to invest your time.

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Check the hand made natural spring

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Beautiful Cave and entrance for Big Foot rock

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They have Art Gallery in case you wish to purchase souvenirs made from clay and terracotta but personally I think they charge exorbitant rates for them. This gallery played hosts  to artists of state and national.

Best time to visit

As it is on the No Roof, Close to environment concept so would be advisable to add this in your itinerary if you are going in winters or might be in monsoons but that I’m not so sure about it. Don’t dare to think about scorching summers that would make your experience unbearable and intolerable. Everything sounds cool and fascinating till you feel comfortable, same thing tastes horrible if you place yourself in wrong time. We made a visit in the month of Feb. so you can imagine the cause of our fun part.

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Our stoppage was Betalbatim (South Goa) from there it took 30-35 mins (13 kms) for us to reach. From Margao its 9 kms that will take 16-20 mins and from Panjim it is 29 kms so we got 50 mins to reach Panjim. From Airport- 22 kms, Calangute (North Goa)- 41 kms ; approx. 1 hr.

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House of Portugese colonist, looks so pretty and simple

How to Reach: No worries for transport in Goa there are multiple options available like bike, scooter (most convenient ones), taxi (quite expensive way) or if you want have time and want to put your foot in local’s shoes then opt local bus from KTC Bus stop, Margao or check the route if you coming from any other side of Goa.

Tickets & Timings: Entry fees is quite nominal INR 50 (for adult); INR 25 (for child); INR 20 (for camera) and provide free parking facility. Museum open all days of the week in between 9 Am to 6 PM.

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A Konkani Girl


In between the appreciation and interpretation of every display of scenes and arrangements of lively figures in, it was hard to stop myself by clicking all those. All the angles and compositions are too alluring to skip any one of the pictures and that’s why I wanted to share all of them with you in the form of Photo Blog but then it would be unjustified if I don’t share all relevant details and my experience along with. I know that makes quite a lengthy read, but can’t help so just trying to fit only the most suitable ones .

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Mutual celebration of festival

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An Ecological Centre close to natural surroundings

However as it was a new experience other than beaches and funky night life so I tried to play with natural light that was in my favor coz of lovely weather and  I got soft, rich results. Tip: For best colors you’ve to follow the golden hours and have to choose unique viewpoints. If you check top travel photographers like to duck in an area frequented by tourists and always consider on three elements -color/composition and lightning. Enjoy the virtual tour with series of my photographs and let me know your thoughts about this hidden gem of Goa.

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A scene from Portuguese era

Big Foot- TheFlyingWayfarer19

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Palanquin- Mode of transport for Landlords

Big Foot- TheFlyingWayfarer26

Do you fall in love with the place or still have some second thoughts??

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9 thoughts on “Big Foot Museum, Loutolim, Goa- Gateway to an Ancestral Goa

  1. How very interesting! The exhibits are very large and have a lot of colour! The Bigfoot is quite intriguing as well. Thanks for sharing this! If I get to Goa I may go and see it for myself.

  2. The entrance to Bigfoot museum is really fascinating. I had been to goa several times but had never heard about this place. It looks amazing the way they had depicted the whole Goan culture. I am sure it will be fun visiting and spending some time at this place. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. I’ve not been to that part of Goa before. I’ll try to get there the next time I’m in India – in May hopefully. It looks like an interesting place for photography.

  4. I have never been to Goa but have many friends from there. They told me the beaches are truly awesome. Goa is definitely on our bucketlist. After reading your blog it made us to travel there now! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  5. India is on my list of places to see!
    I have a lot of Indian friends, and they only prove to me that India is a beautiful place with a lot of friendly people.
    I love all these colors. India looks like a perfect “Instagram-friendly” place 🙂

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