When that Red Bus of Mumbai triggered some momentary conflicts

“Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish but you only spend it once.”– Lillian Dickson.

Gone were the days when people had finite aspirations and they used to enjoy the luxury of of time on hands. When transactions of wishes were not optional neither based on emotional less virtual world of Whats app and Facebook. Mornings of Sunday were usually remain book for brunch with extended family and friends at home and Saturday evenings were the most relaxed one. When Uncle and Aunts surprises us by their sudden visits at home and we as kids used to stole some moments with their children without any prior appointment of play date.

Flying Moments1
It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves- Sir Edmund Hillary

While standing in the balcony of one of the lavish apartment of suburb of Mumbai, this Red Bus pulled me in the long back childhood memories when there was full of life, feeling of bonding, joy of togetherness, mutual compassion, hearts full of laughs, that’s what we all are missing today. In that callow age, when mind was pioneering with the jumble box of general knowledge of the world through magazines (core source of entertainment of those days & my mother loved to read) and newspaper; I’d attended plethora of gossips about Mumbai, Bollywood and celebrities, among that one yarn was famous about Rajnikant’s entry in the Indian film industry. His original name was Shivaji Rao Gaikwad and he was a bus conductor in Mumbai and one day how he caught an eye of a producer from his phenomenal style of ticket distribution that later made him a super star of South Indian movies.

Flying Moments2
Life doesn’t mean running behind dreams but to live the moments as dreams.

Seeking to harmonize the authenticity of former recognition with the current portrayal in front of my eyes. Has Bombay changed?? Bus’s color is same i.e. Red so do the roads of the city but now Bombay has transformed into Mumbai; far far more developed than olden days in a good way or bad I don’t know. Time is flowing so as the age and the people around you are leaving you gradually. This world gonna stay here but not you neither do I; if you can’t tip the eternity of survival nor does the aptness of even tracing every nook and corner of this globe- a station where we all are halting; then what’s this proud for??

Flying Moments
Listen to your inner voice, trust yourself.

Don’t you feel the burden of your ego, those notions of hate and jealousy?? Why more interested in bury your self-worth by blaming others, why you wouldn’t like to focus on solution? Since when you’d learned this narrow minded talks and love to squeeze your heart. Why we can’t proved ourselves as a good listener, why the motive of conversation  now restricted to a bracket of just replying without getting being understood? Everything is a competition now, more focused on materialistic pattern of give and take in relationships.

In earlier days an average age of a person was more than 100 years which now lessened to approx.70 that means life getting teeny-weeny day by day and here we are experimenting to loose family values. Nuclear family is demand if not choice but cant we broaden our scope of development towards others. We are learning and earning for ourselves for our betterment than where this need of show off comes from??

Flying Moments3
Go grab opportunities, meet new people. Don’t let yourself waiting, not worth it.

Have you remember when did the last time you’d gave yourself a moment of repose to observe ant’s trail fetching up food to their home. Or as a kid when we had ample of time to watch sparrows playing in mud and water, now might be most of us don’t even know sparrows are extinguishing. No issues, it’s not our fault. Right?? When its clear we can’t purchase time and running behind it is the present day request. So start living the moment, try to forgive past, give chance to future, don’t repeat mistakes, be clear in your thoughts, be determines, love and help others by this way you gonna help yourself. Nobody wants to die but its unavoidable so what can we do better; Live fullest, give chance to your next generation to be a good soul, be more social , be more alive.

“We are not given a good or a bad life. We are given a life. It’s up to us to make it good or bad.”

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