A moment to behold with the sight of Vagator Beach

A moment to behold with the sight of Vagator Beach

While admiring this exotic view of Vagator’s Beach, by making my presence on dried bronzed bushy land of ruined Chapora Fort where soothing cool breeze whispering the glory of ancient Portuguese era, again my mind is flushing with hundreds of persistent thoughts that time-by-time, repeatedly get victory to mark questions on my existence. Questions that anyone can relate who wants to adorn their life with dreams of their own choice, from whom I was unfamiliar with at the time I was about to interrupt the monotony of nine month’s darkness when this lively surroundings of nature was beholding the celebration of my arrival without any expectations from me. So affecting point is from where this chaos comes along, why human tend to inherit their burden of reflection over generations. Now with the flowing time, one more time when I stepped out to travel from tender shell of responsibilities of family; once again these questions would like to sprout up and that need to be convinced here.
“To whom you would like to give priority, your magical dreams of travel or lovable family?” -Being a fraction of human race I’m a social bug who can’t deny the fact of attachment from my roots but meanwhile would love to hover like a free spirit on bubbly waves of this sea.
“Contentment is lagging behind in handling daily stress of inescapable routine so what’s your proposal for future?” -What if I don’t have the authority on my past and future and have to shove myself for not to travel as per my desire but who cares when right away I’m breathing this welcoming moment of majestic grandeur, this inspiring masterpiece equipped with the view of black lava rocks, red cliffs and swaying palm tress far from daily hustle of life.
“While crossing ages, are you happy with your health?” No, distressing from couple of unusual health concerns, would like to disconnect my soul from the confinement of body and wish to sprinkle down in this magical waters of sea that transports me to diverse international borders and let me qualified in my travel dreams.
Despite of many obstacles positioned in my path of dreams undertaking an advantage of my current phase but gradually I’m making my way with my kid and desire to see this world through her eyes with refreshingly new vision. This world is a big school of learning and since beginning I wish her to absorb essentials of life that a classroom never teach, the opportunity which I missed to get in my childhood.
As I believe “God would not have put a dream in your heart, if he hadn’t already given you everything you need to fulfill it.”-Joel Osteen.

16 thoughts on “A moment to behold with the sight of Vagator Beach

  1. There are some really lovely sentiments behind this post. I have never been to Goa but I have heard it brings a lot of feeling out of you. I think I like this the most “Contentment is lagging behind in handling daily stress of inescapable routine so what’s your proposal for future?” my future is travel of course!

  2. I have been to Chapora fort and vagator, both. I visited during early morning. There was no one around. I enjoyed the views around of the beach and of the fishing village on the other side. looks like you had great fun, here!

      1. Generally, Chapora fort is not on tourist list since it has nothing apart from the walls. But it has history and views. Have you visited Reiss Magos?

          1. well, Reiss Magos is one the oldest forts in Goa. And the church adjoining this fort is also one of the oldest one. The fort was restored few years ago and has many of Mario Miranada’s cartoon work on display. It’s a beautifully restored fort. You can search for it on tripadvisor and google.

          2. Thanks for the information Arv!! I’m adding this to my sightseeing list for my next visit to Goa. Goa is such a vast place where a person needs bare minimum one month time for exploration.

          3. ha ha! I guess even that would too less…I have spent 12 days in Goa, exploring all major beaches from North to South starting from Arambol to Canacona. It’s fun! ” 🙂

  3. As a traveler, I’ve come to see that there is no better way of learning than traveling, exploring different places, meeting wonderful people and coming across things that you’d have never seen if not traveling so, these I’d love to share with my kids, give them that opportunity. God shows us the dreams because he knows we are able!

  4. Vagator’s Beach is a peaceful place and such quite place always gives us the power to think and to reflect. And you are right about take your children to travel around the world, it is the best education they will receive. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your beautiful pictures.

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