Oyo Rooms Review- Pocket friendly mashup of comfort and luxury

Oyo Rooms Review- Pocket friendly mashup of comfort and luxury

Typically, my biased attitude towards the idea of opulent stay gives me immense pleasure whenever it bangs to my terms of family vacations. As a first preference for me, holidays and luxurious stay goes hand in hand. But this obligatory ritual of mine got a pause when I spent a week lengthy stay in OYO Rooms along with my family. In Sept. for a month’s tenure, my husband visits Mumbai for official purpose and his accommodation had been arranged in OYO, Ghansoli in Navi Mumbai. Later we (Chiyu & me) fused him in the last week before his return. Why not?? Who wouldn’t like to indulge themselves in varied localities?? Who doesn’t want to scout ‘The City of dreams’, ‘Home of Bollywood’ and varied localities of metropolis.

Refreshing view from 8th floor

For many who already suffocate in the potpourri of Mumbai, is far more than 3 meals of Vada Paav, local trains, Taj, Gateway of India, Chowpati and Juhu. Obviously it is, every city has its own hidden treasures but I was the one who had left behind in tasting authentic spices of Maharashtrian food, who had never joined hands for prayers in front of divine Siddhi Vinayak temple nor took the long ride in Kaali Pilli on modishly constructed Sea Link. I was the one who had never uplift face to measure the busiest skyline of the country nor introduced with exquisite grandeur of rich history of the city who never sleeps or better known as Mayanagri.
Early morning of my first day, when I tossed & turned in the whole night

Intro of OYO Rooms
OYO is defined as “India’s largest branded network of Hotels” that at present spread across 169 cities with 6500+ hotels offering standardized stay experience at an unmatched price. Also claims to provide same amenities across all its rooms without any unfairness so that people enjoy the best travelling experience without hurting themselves by home sickness. For their customer’s seamless awesome experience OYO uses technology to link all its functions where now they have mobile app facility available with 24/7 customer care to help. Accordingly deals available in Budget, Premium and Elite rooms so that customers must have suitable options to opt from without burning a hole in their pockets.
Chiyu enjoying the balcony view

Location: Navi Mumbai
Movies and idiot box conveniently portrayed a routine image of Mumbai similar to any other metro but yet Navi Mumbai is comparatively independent from the ancestral silhouette. This planned township attempting to bottom the burden of pollution and housing from the core city in multiple ways. Not only miscellaneous MNCs looking the future of the city as an active business hub but soothing noiseless environment is exemplary for educational institutions and like icing on the cake if I tell you that Navi Mumbai would have its own international airport by 2019. Beside these, there are other numberless peculiarities that give you the reason to fall for this newly based city.
Arista Apartment, Ghansoli

After having a peachy fun-filled day with Chiyu  we gauged roads for more than one hour from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport towards our destination-OYO Rooms, Ghansoli. Familiar traffic scenes wouldn’t permit me to segregate between our departed and welcoming cities. Our ride terminated in front of a multi storey Arista Apartments where darkness overshadowed refreshing surroundings of the neighborhood.
Mesmerizing!! Isn’t??

Located on 8th floor this OYO Apartments 140 has indistinguishable features same as of home. After exchange of pleasantries with caretaker Rameshji soon we all enjoyed tear-inducing dinner cooked by him. A spacious apartment decked with 2 bedrooms, a ventilated kitchen, a dining and lounge area, laundry and two bathrooms. The first view from our room’s balcony was a real draw card, where the peaceful and quiet night already locked an embrace with those glittering lights of the far spread vicinity and the flickering glaze of flying planes along with the stars in the sky as if they were welcoming us in the impressive frame.
Master Bedroom

Bedroom no.2

Both the rooms have dressers, placed next to queen sized beds furnished with spotless linens, comfy quilts and complementing curtains and tiles flooring that adorn the room’s spirits. Wardrobes with sliding gates in each room are extensively enough to cope up with needs of 2 families for their long comfortable stays. A property for those who admires stillness in the ambiance and because of height there’s not a peep to be heard from either street traffic or other adjoining buildings but then one can break vibe of stillness by LCDs provided separately in lounge and every single room. Due to hectic schedule my husband didn’t required WIFI but at the time of check-in you can ask for user name and password for free WIFI facility that comes with decent speed.
Amenities and Food:
OYO offers complimentary breakfast but we asked Rameshji to daily prepare our dinner and these add-on meals came under nominal charges. At last he is a fantastic cook and we wouldn’t like to miss his hand cooked Kari leaves dry aloo, mix veg, raita, all the food options that doesn’t allow anyone to miss home. As this is an apartment based property not located in any hotel, he is the single person on the name of staff who cooperatively takes care of everything. He is very polite and helpful who filled ice creams and a box of chocolates in fridge by specially considering Chiyu before our arrival. I was handed over with amenity kits included shampoo, notepads, pens, toothpaste, body gel and soaps means every basic necessity required.

By collating wide-ranging elements from my first time experience I would advocate the convenience of OYO Rooms.

Accommodation category: Apartment Rooms
Room Pick: Both the rooms have bedrooms but one room is comparatively bit spacious than other; try to opt if coming with family.
Kitchen: Complete groceries same as we have in homes; microwave, fridge.
Pool/Gym/Spa: In budget scale, it’s blameworthy to have desires of pool or spa but Arista Apartments have such facilities and you can enroll for that.
Feel: Home like
Rates: Starts from Rs.999 per night.
Location: 30 kms away from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport; 0.3 kms far from Rajiv Gandhi College Bus Stand and 0.2 kms from Sankalpa Vachnalay Bus stop.
Couple/ Children: Yes
WIFI: Included

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16 thoughts on “Oyo Rooms Review- Pocket friendly mashup of comfort and luxury

  1. Apartment hotels are great for having certain amenities that regular hotel rooms don’t! A lot of times, they can be more inexpensive too!

  2. Oyo looks definitely very comfy! I love to stay in either appart hotels or a bit more back to the roots cottages… but, in a city it’s always difficult to find such accomodations.

  3. This looks like a great place to stay! Aparthotel type places are always my preferred choice, and I just love how they stocked up on ice cream in advance. So thoughtful!! I myself have had mixed experiences with Oyo. On one hand I stayed at some of their accommodation options in Kuala Lumpur (alone) & Coorg (with friends) and they were fantastic on both occasions – clean, spacious rooms with all amenities and helpful staff. On the other hand I booked a stay at one of their places in Kerala for 3 nights but ended up leaving after the 1st. The “married couples only” policy is understandable and, travelling solo, I have always adhered to. On this occasion I was having issues with my laptop and called one of my Indian male friends to help me fix it. One of the receptionists sent him to my room, and so he set to work. Within seconds a man was banging on the door screaming that he has to get out, that no unmarried couples allowed. We opened up and explained we were not a couple, merely friends, and he was just helping me with computer problems, we’d be happy to continue with the door open. The man said this is not appropriate and insisted my friend leave, watching until he was gone off the property. Then for the rest of my stay this man would periodically knock on my door to “check” I didn’t have anyone with me. It made me feel incredibly uncomfortable and sort of like a naughty schoolgirl even though I’d done nothing wrong! I complained directly to the hotel & to Oyo but here I am 5 months later still waiting on a reply.
    Sorry for the lengthy comment, had no idea it would end up so long!

  4. I just converted and 999 Rs is about 15usd. Is that for the apartment? or another room? If it is for the apartment it is SO cheap!!!! It definitely looks like it has a home feel. The environment of Mumbai is giving me vibes of my home country (Nigeria).

    1. No, the price is just for a room. There was an another room shared by some other guy but then the whole apartment was for mutual use so indirectly its for complete apartment. Great to know Mumbai gives you a feel of home

  5. I have heard mixed reviews about Oyo rooms and hence am a little wary. I suppose like AirBNB, you have to look up individual reviews and decide. Glad you got a good room.

  6. Looks like a perfect place to stay, though I’m not much of a hotel guy, I think I’d defi want to give oyo a try sometime

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