Review of international watch brand-Dunlop DUN-272-G01

Review of international watch brand-Dunlop DUN-272-G01

Since ancient times it has been seen that women are not only the fraction of society who share their adoration towards oodles of jewelry and accessories for adorning their beauty and body but somewhere men are equivalently biased. There are historical evidences either documented or as in way of exhibits in assorted museums from where we can relate that in earlier eras men also accessorized himself with winsome ornaments made from nails or teeth of feral animals, feathers of virgin birds, sheeny stoles made from refined silk, they preferred to use comb made from fragrant woods etc.but that was in olden days, what about today?? Whirling our talks to current ultra glamorous world, men rubbing their shoulders with today’s female fashionistas; from ramping in Paris fashion week to top-to-toe decent matching corporate employee to a funky college dude who dares to pierce or as a man treading one level ahead with booming pink pants. But as men wear finite jewelry and beside all trendy new nifty gadgets, watches, belt, wallet and shoes are their all time favorites and maximal attention grabbers accessories that can never go wrong.
Debating on the elements of wrist watch that can either break or build an outfit. A person watch must corresponds to their outfit that inflate poise and style to his/her personality. Parallel conception applies with me, especially my watch is among those essential things that I never forget to wear when I go outside. Watch is an integral part of our life, of our day-to-day expeditious routine where I’m very particular in choosing one. Different people have inconsistent sets of priorities and preferences concerning to purchase of watches. Colossal series of brands and sizes are available in global market and its quite punishing to track down all of them. Initiating from bare minimum pitch of low cost plastic to rough, rugged looking metal watches to luxurious diamond studded crystal watch. A person not only has to consider just the fascinating looks of any timepiece but to behold remarkable traits according to individual’s frame; like heavy structures won’t look good on slender wrists. Whereas huge guys must carry boxier and robust watch faces.
But when the question comes on my taste of watches I’m very precise about features and looks. For me I always go for bold and stylish watches, it should have big dial and off course metallic body and strap. If I talk about internal features I prefer digital analog watches with chronographic mechanism. Fortunately, I’ve received one of the above mentioned kind of watch, got the opportunity to review it and share it with you all. Are you guys ready for the glimpse of new watch model? I know its seems these days the market is just flooded with tons of different watch brand, but believe me this one is really different.
The watch I’m about to divulge is a unique combination of luxury and style along with bold looks. I’m talking about Dunlop DUN-272-G01 model. Dunlop Watches are available in India at various retail outlets and it’s online partner is And we all heard about Dunlop a big brand largely into rubber and sports accessories manufacturing, mainly known for it’s Tyre’s division is also a major player in the Racket Sports & Golf segment with icons such as Steffi Graff, Pete Sampras & Martina Hingis using their equipment.
Dunlop DUN-272-G01 features:

  • Watch movement quartz
  • Water resistance- 30 MM
  • Display type: Analog Digital
  • Body: Metal
  • Chronograph
  • 1/100 sec stop watch with memory
  • Alarm
  • 100 times calendar

Dunlop DUN-272-G01 man’s watch is a combination of sleek and elegant metallic body design with a sophisticated level of time keeping details. This watch features solid black metal straps with analog digital display. Wrist band is stylistic qualities while its still maintains design that is rather simple yet also sporty and rugged. The watch also consists of quartz movement which is very accurate and required minimum maintenance. Cost wise, in the introductory phase company launched its fashion section in very affordable prices. Finish on the Metal case (the frame around the face) of the watch compliments and goes well with formals. Blue light is an add on while adjusting for stop feature.
You can check the Unboxing of my timepiece here.
Overall, I’m totally into this newly launched series of wrist watches and undoubtedly would like to try couple of other available options as well that goes with my outfit. What you think about men’s fashion and their allied accessories?? Waiting for your comments.
Ritesh Sharma

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