Food Crawl to Big Wong, Movenpick & Krispy Kreme in Noida

“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t” – Bill NYE


This planet is brimful of unimaginable facts, uncalculated figures and unaware terms through which we couldn’t get well versed in one momentary life. Concerning on the note, by heading tiny step towards the sphere of vocabulary, recently I introduced myself to one of the new term “Food crawl”. When I received an invitation for the same I wasn’t aware of the term and would like to know further for what it is all about. This food trail embraced 4 eateries that was going to kick-start from Chi” where arrangements were done to pamper our (group of food bloggers) grueling hunger for appetizers, would gonna have followed by “Big Wong” scheduled for main course then onto the next point Movenpick” to shut down our sweet tooth and at last, our stop over was decided at “Krispy Kreme” in the same place DLF Mall of India, Noida.




That’s sounded compelling to me but some short of understanding generated time difference to my plan and that caused me to initiate my food trail from Big Wong by missing “Chi” but then it was barely considerable to my compact appetite. Without wasting any time further after cross checking with my food priorities from their delectable range of menu, staff speedily managed to served their delicacies in front of me and that is something appreciable. Small portion serving was done for their ‘Curry Prawn Dimsum’ & ‘Chicken Homemade Sauce Dimsum’. Where on one side, from the section of sea food Curry Prawn marinated with red chili and sesame oil and topped with mildly spicy yellow curry sauce that enhanced the juicy flavors. On the other note, pinch of Chinese Vinegar on steamed Chinese Homemade dumplings stole my heart; mainly its thin layer that allows to savour the mouth full delicious portion of fillings.

Chicken with hakka noodles


Moving to the heart-to-heart discussion on main menu i.e 4 large bowls full of ‘Green Thai Curry with steamed rice’ and ‘Chicken Szechuan style with hakka noodles’ in non veg category. Among the two, later enticed me the most as the concoction of spicy noodles and rich red tangy Szechuan full of tender chicken were perfectly went well to my seasoned palate. Beside that handful of minced garlic boosts up the recipe. With intention of perishing less time of my trail’s mates who already spent their quality time in chit chatting while checking for me I couldn’t heed on drinks. May be some other time.

Comfy ambience


After curbing my hunger pangs I gave a remarkably swift look to the ambiance of the restaurant.Complimenting to its name and oriental theme the setup is done up in rustic hues of red. The understated and refined dark interiors with bold expounding graffiti on walls along with wooden work, artistic lights and inviting hanging framed posters all goes hand in hand on the name of comfort. But somehow don’t know why the place was less packed at that time of the day. Is that a recurrent scene or was something wrong with my clashes of that specific time window?? Hoping for the later one and wishing the luck for their success in long run.


Stepping towards detailing of my experience that I had for beloved section of meal, guess what?? Yes, you are right the drooling part for my deep-rooted affection for chilled luscious ice creams, desserts and bakes and this time offered by Movenpick, it’s an outlet of authentic Swiss ice creams located under the same roof of the DLF mall of India, Sector-18. Couldn’t be described just as a desert parlor but a small world for ice cream lovers that proffer plethora of gourmet creamy excellence where I found myself as a kid who was salivating while clicking those colorful tubs displayed beyond thick layer of glass. It was hard to wait to dig into the frozen layers of desserts.

Icey flavours of mango & strawberry

Options are limitless,  you can choose from varieties of refreshing lime, lemon, raspberry, mango and strawberry’s Palette of Sorbets’ with perfection of natural juices of fruits if you are not exceptionally fond of creamy textures.As Movenpick’s motto is to carefully select the ingredients from the nature either from the tropical forests of Madagascar or to pick the finest cocoa beans from the Maracaibo region of Venezuela or Canadian maple syrup from Quebec just to enhance pure authentic taste of their product.

Ice coffee-can make you weak at the knees.

Swiss Chocolate Pancakes

Strawberry & cream Indulgence

‘Ice Coffee’, this Espresso croquant melt in mouth ice cream came beautifully with whipped cream and garnished with wafer.Tasted beyond any description and obtained lofty rank among other authentic flavors. For pancakes lovers, Movenpick has assorted fine options, I tried two ‘Swiss Chocolate Hazelnut Pankcakes’ that served with Swiss chocolate & Hazelnut icecreams & ‘Strawberry and cream indulgence’-freshly baked golden warm pancakes served with 2 scoops of vanilla & strawberry where berry sauce was divine on the other hand sprinkled white chocolate enhanced this authentic combination. Chocolate and walnut brownie was also delicious but I had my first time introduction with colorful ‘Macaron Selection’ where crunchy Macaron sandwiched soft flavorful ice creams.

Vibrant Macarons

As we are already celebrating the profound joy of festivities in the month of December and waiting for the arrival of the new year, this is the accurate time to gift your taste buds a bit pricey but relishing experience from Movenpick. And at last we ended our feast at Krispy Kremea dessert parlor. Must say for chocolate & donuts lovers there is no better place other than this to satiate their sweet cravings with fluffy -filled donuts. Recently they have launched Choco mania range’ counting ‘Chocolate decadence, Chocolate cookie crunch, Chocolate go nuts’ and two shakes that are Chocolate Peanut butter shake, Cookies and Kreme shake’. Usually I shower my love to shakes and that what I’d done this here too over donuts.

Comprehensively, from appetizers to nibble I spent a quality afternoon with like-minded people in all 3 eateries & parlors where definitely would like to come back.

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