Celebrate rejuvenation of senses at Bouri-The Spa of Shivadya Resort & Spa, Manali

Celebrate rejuvenation of senses at Bouri-The Spa of Shivadya Resort & Spa, Manali

Regardless, that this was my 3rd visit to Manali yet I managed to capture some distinctive remembrance of my new perspective to see nature’s beauty. Vis a Vis to my earlier stays in valley these three days span of early November in Shivadya Resort and Spa left me amazed with the fact that if a person committedly push his dream to the imagination of possibility then he can mark a benchmark to generations. Here I’m discussing about Mr. Ritesh Sood, a middle class Himachali resident holding 18 year experience in travel sector and lived a dream for his retirement to erect such a luxurious and authentic resort that doesn’t only provide high-class comfort to their clients but purely in a traditional way.
Passion that twinkle in his eyes when he speaks about Shivadya; Shivadya to whom he termed as his baby that’s why he named the property on his 2 children Shivansh and Adya. Isn’t it influencing? Put your finger anywhere within compound on any wall decor, aesthetic furniture made by local artisans, flooring, walls, every corner shares its own story. Without indulging in temptation of elaborating all those, in short to make a way over between conceptual mindful modern designing and Himachali heritage Mr. Ritesh put his extreme efforts on maintaining the purity of architecture of the property. Inspired by local houses of the state which is known as “Kath Koni” where specialties of the house doesn’t only make it earthquake-proof but also the allocation of different floors on the basis of use in ancient times. Ground floor is known as “Khud”; people use this section for cattle rearing. First floor is known as “Bouri” generally designed as living room to welcome guests. The top most floor is known as “Taala” and must be preserve for kitchen use.
Shadowing the notion of tradition and by naming the same, he made reception on ground floor; Bouri is the luxurious spa on first floor and anyone can enjoy the flavors of scrumptious cuisines in Taala- dining hall located on 2nd floor by having incredible vistas of Dhauladhar mountain range on one side and Pir Panjal on the other side from the balconies around. Personally, this is my best-loved cozy segment of the resort where while soaking crispy gleam of sun just close your eyes and forget everything. I’ll take you on a profuse tour of the property from foundation to details of the exotics rooms to the activities involved; means everything about this eco-friendly resort but that would be in the following blog. I know I was expected to jot it down that first but currently I’m in mood to share my lavish experience I had in Shivadya’s Spa where I spent an hour of pure bliss.
In our day-to-day life we are rushing behind time just to match our steps with this fast moving competitive world. Where we have stopped appreciating own’s health, either in senses or ignorantly we are inhaling toxins, dealing with burden of stress. To break this monotony a person has to adorn life by pampering oneself and must award family breaks time by time far from clamorous pollution amidst undiluted fresh air, by observing rich greenery of deodars and fir, clear blues of bright skies to soothe the eyes while sipping hot cuppa of aromatic tea. And what if, this pleasure of yours intensified in Himachal which is noted as ‘The Land of Gods” in terms of worshiping self body by giving an hour of massage in a Spa in such a belle surrounding. I know you would like to say amazing. Undoubtedly, we must treasure our body as one of the best creation of God.
Same peerless relaxation I felt in Bouri and that deserved to be mentioned specifically in a separate post other than attributes of resort. We were supposed to leave at noon for Delhi and were running out of time but then I wanted to pamper myself through body massage. It had to be my first affair in spa with restrictive knowledge about variants of therapies. So I gave a thought to discuss with the attendant, I met Kheto, manager of the Spa. I was shown the spa menu and after hovering a quick glance and a hurried consultation I picked Swedish Massage Therapy. Initially, just a session of reflexology (foot massage that involves applying pressure to certain points on the foot that correspond to organs and systems in the body), my all time favorite was in my mind but then I took Kheto advice as an acceptance. After all Deep tissues, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, and Balinese were some new labels that I was listening first time and didn’t want to pressurize my muscles under any experiment before 15 hours road journey.

Usually, I put extreme emphasis on hygiene and decor perfection if it comes on the question of health wellness.  Same I was expecting from here so to carved down my curiosity I couldn’t resist peeping in. They have separate rooms for Jacuzzi, Sauna and one for steaming session. Those who love privacy can have their spa done in rooms with single beds aligned alongside corridor; and those who would like to rejuvenate quality time with their partner in a relaxed way can go for a room designed for couple. My therapist name was Toli, wife of Kheto. Both of them were welcoming and polite, once she started with the massage got succeeded in transporting me to some other land. Meanwhile she asked appropriate time about the required pressure-that was generally light to medium rather than penetrating firm which was perfectly amazing.

To shed of my fatigueness (that I gained in last 3 days of travelling and from exertion of hiking in the mountains, a day earlier) I was in deep desire of a truly relaxing massage that boosts my blood circulation. Suffice to say she was well aware about pressure point stimulation and as I asked core focus should be done on my feet, she has taken care of that. I lost in ocean of private serenity roused from the aroma of rose oil. My skin was left almost flawless, radiant, supple and following to that I took steam bath that warmed up my muscles to boost effectiveness of the treatment. I’ve found my new retreat in the breathtaking valley of awe-inspiring Himalayas.
If you need a breather from speed of the city, cram-full traffic, packed touristy spots then escaping to Bouri-The Spa is highly recommendable.  It feels like a quirky, luxury little secret in one the Himalayan hamlet of Manali- Karjan. For more information contact http://www.shivadya.com/

I stayed courtesy of Shivadya Resort and Spa but the opinions expressed are mine and unbiased.

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18 thoughts on “Celebrate rejuvenation of senses at Bouri-The Spa of Shivadya Resort & Spa, Manali

  1. I understand the resort hosted you for free, but it still looks like a great place, and the spa particularly relaxing. Seems like the more far away from home, the more a spa treatment is enjoyable.

  2. This Resort looks beautiful and from the pictures that you took seems to be clean and well organised! It’s easy to catch the message you would like to say with this post but live the experience to be there should be amazing and, at the same time, relaxing! I have been just one time in my life in a place like this, it was really expensive but, I enjoyed my time and maybe I can do it again! Thanks for sharing it, 😀

  3. You have to love a spa that is situated in such a beautiful natural place, alongside a river and away from the traffic, to allow you to fully experience the relaxation. The spa treatment choices sound lovely and you’ve done a great choice choosing the Swedish massage.

  4. Sounds like a lovely place. I like the whole aspect of how different floors are used for a different purpose. Makes it really interesting. The SPA adds to the whole charm.

  5. Loving the touch of florals here and there throughout the spa. You are very right in saying that we are trying to keep up in a competitive and fast paced world that we rarely have time to stop and enjoy. Visiting this spa is a great way to do just that and to rejuvenate!

  6. I have always found spa experiences very relaxing. Though expensive I feel once in a while we must indulge ourselves a bit in this kind of luxury. Thanks for recommending yet another place.

  7. What a lovely place, it looks so relaxing! The fact that it is located in the middle of nature makes it even better to spend a few quiet days, I bet that you enjoyed it!

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