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Absoulte moments to sneak peek in Drama-Upside Down Bar, West Delhi

“What is a childhood without stories? And how will children fall in love with stories without bookstores? You can’t get them from a computer.” — Sarah Jio.
I’m sure in your childhood you dared to unroll your wings with Aladdin on his dauntless adventures while gliding on his carpet in the mid of mushy clouds or have you ever envisioned yourself as a valuable cast of vivacious animated life of Little Mermaid”. Do you still relish those luxuriate moments that was well spent while watching our all time favorite Alice in Wonderland, what if straightway you visualize that fluffy, furry bunny instantly emerge from the story and escorted all the way to drop you down in topsy-turvy ambiance of the newborn restaurant in the vicinity of Rajouri Garden, New Delhi.

Chef Akshay Nayyar sharing his humor and back end stories of their revolutionary recipes

Sounds full of fantasies and bit childish? Let me take you on the jaunt to such interesting eating joint Drama of West Delhi, that national capital’s side which was once considered as dull and sounds spiritless on terms of fabulous eating corners. Drama- Upside Down Bar where I got the chance to sneak peek in the month of August a week before when it was yet to be officially launched. However, the pre-launch event “Sneak Preview” was much fetching than any elementary food review session cause of Chef Akshay Nayyar’s live cooking theater where he introduced his innovative style of fusion cooking with the audience along with his humorous and cheery talks that bound us to stick to our seats.
Preparation of Agneepath Murgi on live Kitchen Counter

This post was expected to be published earlier but non deliberately lags behind the expected deadline coz of my Jaipur (for family emergency) and Leh visit in this month on the invitation for Naropa Festival, 2016. A trip for which I was least prepared that turned into an arresting travel feast for me, elaborated blogs with appealing captures will follow soon.



 Back to the topic, though Rajouri Garden has earned enough fame for fashion & branded market but nowadays its acquiring popularity for newly settled eating hub where counts of theme based restaurants are speedily emerging. A delight for West Delhi citizens, as now they don’t have to consider Connaught Place or Cyber Hub, Gurgaon as trendy place to spend lavish moments over food with their loved ones. Similarly among few other exciting eateries Drama-Upside Down Bar is one of the classy new spot that based on BK Dutt Market and spread over 3 floors that individually accentuate non identical interior patterns. Easily approachable by metro and road and have a capability to gain crowd favoritism in coming time.
Address: J-2/19, 1st – 3rd Floor, BK Dutt Market, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi

Interiors/ Ambiance


As I already tossed some light on the brilliant concept of ambiance owned by the possessor of Drama, Mr. Dinesh Arora (owner of Unplugged Courtyard, New Delhi). As the name guides this place not only sprinkled drama on ambiance and presentation but also on food preparation and on food names like Jhat Pat Pani Pat, Wrap-chick, Hot Shot Pot, Tijori E Rajouri etc. that can undoubtedly mark a difference in the food market. They put their keen endeavor not just only on revolutionary food varieties of this soothing dramatic place moreover also focused their efforts to enhance the beauty and comfort of the customers. Attached with the ceilings, hanging  upside- down lamps, book shelves and Formula 1 car were definitely proved as show stoppers of the  pre-launch event.



As  I told it was not a genuine food review, just a sneak peek to the live kitchen concept but we were offered with 4 dramatized solitary dishes.

  • I Tikki 7s – As per chef, behind this recipe one of the absorbing narrative is somehow linked with the launch of I Phone 7 at the time he was about to innovate the dish. In this mouthful appetizing plate you’ll gonna find 7 varieties of Indian tikkis all are unlike in flavors served with digital chutney. Preferably my taste buds got stuck to beetroot and the guava ones, perfectly blend of spices with raw texture. I definitely would like to opt the same in my next visit to the place.


  • Grilled Pinwheels sandwiches- Neat presentation goes along with the interesting name of this cocktail patterned sandwiches,well  balance assemble of monetary jack cheese and vegetables. A unique twist into normal course of sandwiches where I prefer to intensify some extra spices for my taste buds.


  • Evil Cheese Fingers- Check the plating and its unconventional name both goes along, one more eye-catching dramatized dish where anyone would go curious and feel tempted to grab one ‘cheese loaded straws’. As comparative to structure and fusion with green chutney I found cheese fingers dry and chewy that was unable to match my sense of taste.


  • Agneepath Murgi- If you want to savor a kind of spicy delicacy of succulent pieces with aroma of smokey flavors of barbecue grill with the sweetness of sugarcane and tangy chilli sauce then don’t dare to miss this out. Moving to drinking section, I didn’t try series of drinks except Drama fruit punch mocktail that was whisk of vanilla icecream and fruit juices.


Although as I unfolded it was a pre Launch so there was no scope left to verify the dedicated service of the staff for any table. Still all of them, ranging from food attendants to bartenders were courteous enough to deal every participants of the event efficiently. Even on 3rd floor I saw them taking instructions gracefully from the head of the floor for upcoming launch of Drama. Hope for, they must offer their best services to their clients as it is the only tool for interaction between guests and the reputation of the owners for any service sector.
How could I forget to mention about vital essence of the place i.e.Formula 1 car hanging upside down on the ceiling of the place
Lets forward towards wrapping session of the review, we all were gifted a box loaded with creamy chocolate cupcakes. A promising and cozy ambiance and mouth watering menu anyone could give a trial to this place with their loved ones.

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