A mommy-baby episode with IGI airport and Air India

Either I say,
“To most people, the sky is the limit to those who love aviation, the sky is home” –Anonymous 
or favor this
“Sometimes, flying feels too godlike to be attained by man. Sometimes, the world from above seems too beautiful, too wonderful, too  distant for human eyes to see….”–Charles A. Lindbugh, the spirit of St. Louis, 1953. 

A mommy-baby episode with IGI airport and Air India7
Thick foam of visible clouds

Whatever locution I use to catalogued my passion for airlines and aviation industry it would be less than that enormous feeling that I’m holding in my heart since my childhood. Clouds, air, sky, airships, planes, helicopter, airports are words enough to fabricate the link of my love to the industry in which I would have desired to opt a career by anyway but I couldn’t as part of destiny. Might be there is an elevated possibility to get this fondness from my grandfather (Nanu); he was an Aeronautical Engineer. Though I’ve never met him but it’s in my blood and I missed him not just as his presence and guidance could have confirmed my career in the field but I missed his warm shadow too same as any grand kid wish for and would want to get nurtured under. Seemingly, dipped in all such inbuilt passion I always filled with excitement and perceive butterflies for my flight journey same as people catch in theirs first.
A mommy-baby episode with IGI airport and Air India9
Plush seats, advanced in-flight entertainment system

Though I’m not a frequent flier so my preference for airlines based on attainability of cheap tickets. As Chiyu and me were going to meet his Daddy in Mumbai so we were not time bound to follow or track down the check-in time  that we usually do in any other family vacations. I found a suitable flight AI 102 (Air India) @ 4:45 PM from IGI International Airport, New Delhi. Unbelievably this was the first incidence where I was not feeling contented nor jovial after done with my tickets. My mind was flooded with plethora of inexact images and stamped believes associated with the airlines in regards to provided service and facilities lesser than the other available competitive airlines. But such inessential fret  was holding up to got washed out with my first striking journey to Mumbai.
A mommy-baby episode with IGI airport and Air India4
After done with temporary settlement of our pets in one of the day care I brought myself into effective action necessitated  to my first journey along with a 3 years young toddler all singly. So her quintessential nap would be the initial request of the time otherwise a cranky toddler could have spoiled my day. Although the entire calculated time management went wrong when I spent extra half an hour in waking her up. Furthermore, at the airport after waiting for last 10 mins in boarding pass line when that ground crew member on the counter declared his incapability to issuing us our boarding passes as the window got freeze due to time out.
A mommy-baby episode with IGI airport and Air India16
What a story without selfie

Was abundant to turn me pale and that initiated our fun race; hop from one counter to another, cross all security points behind one of the supportive, quick and prompt ground staff who dropped us till the gate . It was a literal fun, we rushed, we laughed, we halt and somehow we managed to catch a selfie. Although I wished to spend some standard time on peeping few airport shopping outlets but then how could I assemble this life long spectacular memory with my kiddo, it was an amazing experience.
Now, here’s the turn to impart our flight-in journey affair. So after couple of Chiyu’s tumbling incidence and our Hww- Aww moments we were warmly welcomed at the entrance by the senior male/female flight attendants with the courteous extensive smile on their faces. Since her first introduction with the airport Chiyu has already started gaining attention from most of the staff and other passengers. But my surprise connect the heights when flight attendants greeted her by name “Princess” that creates such a cordial ambiance which I never felt before with any other flights.
A mommy-baby episode with IGI airport and Air India2
Small desire Higher satisfaction

Childhood is such an innocent age where child’s every step fills with curiosity  and they toasts with every minute knowledge passing them by. They can heedlessly amaze you by asking fundamental questions on which you would never shown your interest or let you stunned by uttering awe-struck remarks.We were seated in the last i.e. 4th section, this is a connecting flight from New york to Mumbai and by the matter of chance passengers were not fully compact so we smoothly moved to a window seat just to make her experience more dazzling.
AI 102 is a 342 seated aircraft and categorized seating in First class/ Economic Class and Business class; passengers of exclusive class can avail exclusive check in and lounge facility. Air India is the 3rd largest Airlines in India in terms of passengers after Jet airways and Indigo airlines. Initially, they have Maharaja’s mascot to welcome you aboard and a slogan “Your palace in the sky”.
A mommy-baby episode with IGI airport and Air India3
Focus on the other side

Chiyu adored the outside view by comparing two standing aircrafts by whooping Chota (far) and Mota (nearby). This lead steward mind bit curious about our mother tongue as “Maharashtrian”?? No, No she has some other kind of translation –the basic one :D. Enough leg space and advanced in-flight entertainment made me more relaxed and comfortable since it’s the most required at the time while you carrying a company of a toddler.She indulged herself  by some cartoons, I helped her out; at last she was getting so much varieties in such entirely unfamiliar atmosphere. Whereas I entertained myself by shuffling AI monthly magazine. I couldn’t express the way she was feeling the whole journey, full of excitement and interaction with every new second.

What more I can say, one particular steward of that section pampered her through the whole journey by offering her alternatives; “Princess!! juice?”; Yes-nodded her head. Princess!! coffee?; yes-again nodded her head, I said NO. Princess!! Milk; Yes. U mean Yes??? really?? since when you get interested in milk at noon time. Top of all “Madam why didn’t you order meal from our kids section, I’m sure she would not like spicy food, I’ll try to manage. Let me ask from the front”. Oh my God such a privileged attitude for her, I was astonished.But what this Princess have done after such an endeavour, he arranged a meal of spaghetti (they have a choice of Continental and Indian cuisine) and she shifted that to me by prioritizing her taste buds to spicy snack platter. What a kid!! 😀 😀
A mommy-baby episode with IGI airport and Air India8
Field of vision- Amchi Mumbai aka City Of dreams

My entire flight time was centralized on her, she was relaxed and cheery so do I contented with the services of crew members. After a delightful time it was the time to say goodbye to everyone and to inform her Daddy about our arrival to the “City of Dreams”. As we landed on T2 that again incomparably as sublime and arresting where anyone can spend  more than couple of hours by cherishing its magnetism.But in lack of earlier knowledge about our connecting flight we waited an extra hour outside in the illusion of our landing would take place on T1. So you must update yourself with prior information about flights as T1 based in Santacruz and T2 in Sahar village, Andheri 5kms apart one from other.
A mommy-baby episode with IGI airport and Air India11
Glimpse of Mumbai life

A mommy-baby episode with IGI airport and Air India10
Attractive wall art on Mumbai airport T2

A mommy-baby episode with IGI airport and Air India13
One spiritually dedicated corner on the airport

That journey was so captivating, so peerless, so indescribable where I can’t do justice merely with words. Beside my silent affair with air crafts this time I gazed the experience in a fresh way from her eyes, through her prospects. We behold those white fairy foams in the sky, we chat with people, we giggle together, praise those wall arts on the airports, relish our exchanged meal, took selfies, holding hands in hands. She taught me patience, she made me smile. A mother daughter’s wonderful moment that would never repeat itself, a day’s impression that I preserve forever.
A mommy-baby episode with IGI airport and Air India15
A mommy-baby episode with IGI airport and Air India14
Waiting Time

A mommy-baby episode with IGI airport and Air India
                                                           Chiyu is waiting for Kali Pili Taxi
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  1. lovely post sweetheart!! Glad to know that Airindia has such great hospitality. Really loved our cute lit princess!! Last but not the least…Very well written post !!

  2. Such a well written post, and your daughter is so adorable… Hugs to her.
    Air India for me has somehow always been my first choice within India. Their service is excellent and the leg space and cleanliness on the aircraft really good. Although people claim bad experiences, I have always enjoyed flying with them and the onboard food has always been delicious…

  3. My experience with Air India was awful but after reading your experience I guess “acche din” for airline has come. Your daughter is so cute and look like a “Princess”. I enjoyed your journey!

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