Vibrant and delightful launch night of Tango Milonga

Vibrant and delightful launch night of Tango Milonga

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”-Martha Graham.
Since ages dance maintained to grab a way of expressing one’s mood, it is the simplest mode for conveying the inner-self message through our body. There’s always a correlation between our soul, happiness, body and dance; what your mind sense your body reflects. No other option is available to communicate with the world without uttering a single word, an interface that doesn’t only refreshes your mind but a formula to rejuvenate your soul.

You can join Milonga nights every weekend

Though I would have never planned my career as a professional dancer nor I was interested in the option but I’ve always been fascinated with all types of dance styles. I remember when last year I was keen to learn Zoomba or Salsa but my uncleared mind and lack of resources nearby pushed me to ditch the intention in the middle. So to acquire more knowledge to the sensuous dance style TANGO (coz for me it was somehow same as Salsa :D), I marked my presence to Ms. Kiran Sawhney’s invite to the Argentino Tango session as a part of Friday grand launch of Eduardo’s Milonga De Mis Amores at Lounge and bar of Eros Hotel, Nehru Place on 1st July, 2016. Scheduling the launch day on weekend was the good choice  to get out from the hang over of such an unforgettable evening dipped in the pleasing, appealing and sophisticated dance style.

Introduction of the hosts


Ms. Kiran Sawhney She is the founder of New Delhi Tango School (NDTS),Greater Kailash the only school to teach Tango in the town. They organises Tango festivals, Milongas and workshops on regular basis that has been mastered by world’s eminent artists. Tango is her passion and fitness is her profession . Apart from all that zealous , enthusiastic personality she is lifestyle and fashion blogger; I mean such an active person.


Mr. Eduardo Martinez Curiel– He is a Tango connoisseur and a co-partner in the Milonga session series along with Ms. Kiran Sawhney. A courteous man, beside his perfect leg moves and as a flawless dance performer he is the minister at Embassy of Mexico and studied International relations at universities of  Mexico and Japan; a versatile identity.


Ms. Samata Yagnambhat– She is a young, passionate and professional girl who has taken lessons from maestros and been learning Tango since years. She is now conducting tango classes for beginners on weekends (i.e. Sat, Sun; Course fee-Rs.4000/- for 12 sessions), so who all are interested contact them for any other further details.

As the whole mesmerized event was curated by taking participants into the consideration hence, that put a majestic impression on the attendees-expats, diplomats, ambassadors and dignitaries. Friday’s evening was initiated by a blissful Tango learning sessions followed by intimate performances from Ms Kiran and Mr Eduardo that insisted others to make some moves. After inceptive hesitation the floor soon get crowded with exuberant entrants who were seeking to attempt some exemplary moves and would like to match their steps with co-Milongueras in the presence of maestros. While the remaining started savouring unlimited drinks and snacks (I was one of those; literally I couldn’t curb my hunger any more as I skipped my lunch of the day and before concentrating further I need something to nosh :D)


Tango & Milonga

As per my compact research, tango has 2 styles: Close embrace and Open embrace that further categorised into below elaborative styles:-

  1. Tango de Salon
  2. Tango Milongero
  3. Club Tango
  4. Tango Orillero
  5. Tango Canyengue
  6. Tango Nuevo
  7. Fantasia
  8. Tango Escenario
  9. Villa Urquiza
  10. Nuevo milonguero
  11. Liquid Tango

It is a connecting dance for partners, one can recall it as Dance for couples or Social Dance from Argentina that got popular in 1870. Modern style is quite dissimilar to the organic traditional style.  It’s a ultimate, classy sensual dance for ballroom where congenial partners follow the rhythm  of music by connecting each other. This usually got compared with the richness of peaceful meditative  benefits of yoga and that I could understand by watching live teaching skills in the evening.

‘Milonga’ was originated in Buenos Aires and dancers are known as ‘Milongueras‘; it is a social event for Tango where dancers requires to take quicker steps.



Not just coz of Tango, Milonga or hosts; Lounge and bar of one of the beautiful property of town i.e. Eros Hotel, Nehru Place contributed a bit of allowance to make this spectacular evening impressive. A 5 star hotel that serves the international standards  of hospitality with leisure. While crossing by the lobby to enter the lounge we could sense the amalgamation of elegance and style. It was the quintessential choice that enhanced charm of the event; alluring lights, spick and span texture of wood, mellow sitting corners; arresting paintings, inviting illuminating red and white candles were effectual enough to transferred you back in the vintage party time of Milongas held in Buenos Aires.

Vintage theme based Lounge and Bar


Beautiful floral decoration in the lobby of Eros Hotel

And after a spellbound Milonga we all celebrated Clara’s birthday and captured few memorable moments. Plethora of unforgettable elements that made this launch evening splendid to me and to others. Wait is over for whosoever would like to learn this international dance style but could not make time from their busy schedule, just go for this weekend opportunity. Interestingly I would like to learn some Tango dance skills and to perform in next scheduled Milonga with Ms.Kiran. Thanks for the invite!!!!


Mine last capture of the eve.

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