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How 52 Janpath makes me feel good-A Delhi restaurant influenced by Medieval Era

“Look at the stars, look how they shine for you.”
PicsArt_06-12-04.32.11While admiring that hanging chandelier I was musing the same thought. These illuminated lights pulling me to the medieval European world. Here @52 Janpath, every corner and section depicting and putting an impression of any charismatic house of Europe. Much anticipated hype and hulla balloo created by social media before the launch of this unique theme based property and since then with my deep desire I was locating a chance to visit this unique theme based eatery to which Connaught Place has delivered a warm salutation. Even though I don’t have to hold up too long to switch this one month old “To do desire” under “Ticked” option.

Entrance- Anybody’s can be amazed from such eccentric concept which is unlike any other customary and boring entrance. I crossed the cave like bay to reach the main door where a bird cage on the floor was holding a flickering candle. It gave me the feel of revising few scenes of movie “Lord of the Rings” signifying to small warm and cosy homes of hobbits. As the attendant opened the door for me, it was like a step into the dreamy world same as appeared in the captivating pictures I saw earlier of such a clasping ambience. This is exactly what I’m expecting before approaching. I wouldn’t pronounce  this “A home away home” unless you belongs to any of the European country. Atleast this mesmerising frame doesn’t represent my home in India. Among copious availability of eating joints in Delhi few inducements that urge anyone to visit this quirky spot.

European theme: Once you make your way in, you’ll definitely bound yourself to lost in it’s belle impression. Beginning from entrance to the mellow lightning that can energise your mood as its perfectly attuned with backdrop. Aha, I loved those white plush seated wooden chair enveloped in pastel floral printed cloth lining and how could I forget those handpicked cluster of souvenirs embracing lots of bird cage, tarnished phone, aged gramophone, that bouquet coming out of aroma diffuser, so the  entire collection is classy that sprinkle warm and cozy touch to the interiors.

Comfy seating corners: The whole area split up in four seating sections- Either you can opt for candle light dinner  in an open area with vertical garden. Or would like to soothes your spirits by sensing the familiarity of the moment that you spent somewhere in a classy shack of Goa while relishing your meal under those beautiful lights and stars. If this is not enough then savour yourself with company of your best loved books  from the mini library and a cup of coffee while sitting beside the French windows absorbing vitamins from natural light. They have a unique bells concept on each table encircled by 4 chairs that I already recounted. Still your ‘dil mange more’ (your heart demands more) then conceptualize winter night and 2 sofas lying besides a fire place adorned with rustic stonewall and a masterpiece of art.

Music and contemporary wall art:  I sailed in the catchy melodies and soothing music, sound level was appropriate to ears. Among couple of other artistic touch they had given, I can resemble one more to my home i.e. wall art that I’m fascinated about moreover they have a scotch cabinet corner. So wrapping up with engaging elaboration  about 52 Janpath let’s make a move to food review.

Starting with Appetizers: —Caponata Strudel (*Veg)– A delicate gift wrap/(or potli in Hindi), like a presentation, enriched with subtle flavours of mushroom, caramelized onion, artichoke cooked in goat cheese. Mild texture, mild to tongue. {Rs 345/- *but why to compromise with the quantity}
Cold Open Wortons (*Veg)- Direct from small plates, it’s a piece of herb and litchi and on insisting I tried in one go but OOPS I couldn’t matched the criteria. Bit crispy, lithi add a level of sweetness {MRP 295/-*quite worthy}
Double cooked pork belly (*Non Veg)- Perfectly cooked juicy pork tossed with spring onions and served with plum and oyster mushroom sauce with sesame. Good to taste buds. {Rs 445/- *bit high}

Genovese Pasta (*Non Veg) (From Mom’s Italian Kitchen)- Cooked prawn and crispy bacon sauted in garlic butter in parmesan cheese. Of quite dry texture, put pine nuts tried a bit to enhance the flavours and compensate the discrepancy. {MRP 525- *Can give it a try}

From section of The Castle Fare– Mediterranean Filo Pie (*Veg)- It’s a continental veg dish that tossed with Mediterranean veggies and covered the top with sheer layer of creamy cheese with flavours of wine. Continental, as usual not for everyone’s palate but a mild flavoured non spicy recipe that suits my sense of taste. {MRP 445- *Reasonable}
Bibi ka mutton pulao/ Mutton Biryani (*Non veg)- Presentation and inbox tang both are peculiar, superb union of spicy tangy biryani with creamy Burani raita and juicy Kuchumbar salad. {Rs 445/- * Worthy, go for it}

Drinks that accompanied my meal —Coffee Sangria- It was my first to taste and my words couldn’t match the perfection of its taste. just put it in your mouth and sweep with the moment. {Rs 445- *Grab it}
By having amazing experience here with lasting flavoured food still I’m totally biased and fascinated with the entire episode I spent in the ambience. Highly recommendable place.
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  1. Loved the way you described the restaurant and omg you clicked so many photographs. Were you invited by the restaurant for this review? Wondering coz you ordered so much haha 😀

    1. Yes Mridul, I was invited for the review. Otherwise neither I’ve such a great appetite nor I’m a foodie. 🙂

  2. Blog more and have your own website

    1. I’ll take care of that…

  3. Looks really interesting and the food looks amazing – is it expensive for India standards? I don’t have a comparison…

    1. No not that much Annika, beside couple of dishes remaining are worthy.

  4. traciehowe says:

    For me, environment is almost as important as the food itself. This looks like such a cozy, warm place to share a meal with a friend. Would love to eat there!

  5. Great post. I am a Delhi based food enthusiast and would like to explore this place someday. I particularly love the decor. It’s unusual. Who would have thought of a European themed restaurant in Delhi. I think I am going to like Caponata Strudel.

    1. Hi Abhinav, yes décor is unexpectedly different from those regular restaurants. A bit relaxed theme. And yes I know as you are a vegetarian Caponata will be perfect for your taste buds. 😀

  6. Oh my gooossh this is making me hungry! Love your photo of those wontons 🙂

    1. Thanks Emily!!! 🙂

  7. This is a very nice glimpse into such a beautiful restaurant. And the food looked amazing!

    1. Yes Anne.. lip smacking food and the aura of the place make a good combo.

  8. I didn’t see anywhere like this when I was in Delhi. Looks great! And as for coffee sangria?! Count me in.

    1. This is a newly opened property. your next visit to Delhi…promise!!

  9. I just love the decor – it’s so atmospheric! And the food all looks delicious, particularly the wontons.

    1. Truly said..Wontons were literally amazing

  10. Mediterranean Filo Pie sounds lovely!

  11. annalisanuttall says:

    Love the decor of this restaurant. The food look amazing. x

  12. I don’t know what better the food or the atmosphere. It looks so cozy as the dishes look tasty. It’s certainly in European style and that chandelier caught my attention too!

  13. Wow! That’s a comprehensive review of the restaurant! Adding it to my list.

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