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Story on Horlicks Growth+product launch-Indiblogger meet

People loves stories so do I;
It gives us depth sensitivity and you all know why;
Their plain sailing portray can twist and plug your sleeping bulbs;
Though I’m trying to recount moments in a easy peasy conduct.
Once upon a time a batch of scattered bloggers from Delhi/NCR region, few famed and few were awaiting for their prominence were looking for a platform to interact with each other. Days passing by on  and on  but one day they all found a wonderful invitation of bloggers meet from “Indiblogger” a.k.a king of the story. A meet that would also serving the motive of making people aware about the physical development of children in their growing age by product launch of Horlicks with tagline #catchupongrowth.
For me (Priyanka as the narrator of the story) it would be mine first Indimeet blog and a kind of opportunity that I couldn’t want to miss at any cost, otherwise how could I narrate the story.
Lunch/Interaction– So the whole story was based in one of the luxury hotel “The Lalit” standing tall in the core of the capital city of Delhi – the city of dilwalo ki. As per the mentioned agenda over the mail, lunch was scheduled at 12:30 PM requisites to weave buddying up thread among bloggers. With varieties of scrumptious cuisines bloggers were giggling, smiling, interacting and savouring over their meal.
Followed by which everyone get seated and the host started with introductory round of the newbie bloggers. To cover the fundamental theme of this get together, nutrition panellist Dr. Rajiv Chhabra, Ms. Satinder kaur Walia, Dr. Jyoti Batra and Natasha Badhwar  (and you know all of them are in main supporting roles as prestigious doctors, physician and dietician) holds the discussion to talk about the growth factors and daily nutrients value mandatory for the growing  kids. As they are also parents their discussion based on the personal experience and are well tested so literally how could they teach inappropriately.
They entertained questions from the viewers, attempted to solve their queries related to kid’s daily eating habits and even on subject like malnutrition. Then story’s new character Mr. Amaan Khan (marketing lead for Horlicks for Indian subcontinent @ GSK consumer healthcare) took charge and switched  the heavier ambience into lighter mood by launching the most awaited product Horlicks Growth+.
-The product that designed and tested by world renowned paediatricians. Isn’t it sounds superior that this revolutionary product assist in children’s crucial growth phase of 3-9 years.
-The supplement that can spellwork on our new generation by having just 2 scoopful of good quality protein , key amino acids and growth nutrients.
-Advanced nutrition that available in two lips smacking flavours- Vanilla and Chocolate that shows visible growth in 6 months coz it’s delivers High quality proteins+ Healthy weight gain+ Naturally enhance growth.
Furthermore, Dr. Kaushik (who was playing role of Head of medical affairs for Indian subcontinent) continued the conversation over the technical specification of the product.
Fun activities/ participation/ Bloggers involvement: What’s the story without any fun, the time came to roll up the sleeves by every lead and supporting characters at that place. At the climax they were asked to form teams of 10 members each and to make an efficacious 30 seconds adv. video by using prop allocated to every team leaders. Any guesses which team hit the boards with their peerless efforts- Yes, it’s mine;Team 7 who won the crown ultimately. Uff, that stiff endeavour of my team members, they deserved the embellishment of the title “The Prince” of this story.
Moral/Learnings from this story: A quality time that I spent here passed away with some teachings:
-Everyone should take ample sunlight on daily basis to absorb Vit. D. As per my earlier knowledge the appropriate window is between 9-10 AM & 4-5 PM.
-Complete dependency on milk is not acceptable as milk contains 97% water.
-Protein plays a vital role in growth of a child.
-4 Parle G biscuits are equivalent to 4 chapattis, so don’t force your child to over eat by having any kind of dilemma in your mind.
-Handle your child’s tantrums with care and schedule their lifestyle accordingly.

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