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When I stop believing humanity and wish to be like animals

“Whenever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness.”
But somehow it’s getting stiff to swallow the harsh reality of mankind, we are already omitting our core nature “kindness“. God fabricate nature for every living being, humans, animals, birds, mammals, plants for everyone then who gave us the authority to embellish the highest rank of the hierarchy just because we’ve granted a bit better mind or the added advantage of speech. And if it is, then hold of any supreme authority  comes with paramount responsibilities that we should toil for other’s benefit not in the other way round.
Yesterday as usual I visited “SONADI“, a charitable trust, an NGO work for the benefit of stray, abandoned, accidental, animals, deserted pets whose owners ditched them in mid of their old age crisis, with diseased suffering bodies. Sorry, if in this post I hurl some inferior words in appreciation of such abusive pet owners who treat their pet as a toy not as a creation of this universe. They can’t even sense and consider the existence of a soul in that compact frames, the feelings and bonding a dog/ any pet have for their master. I’m sure they are definitely never scrutinize on their pleading eyes when they’ve done something mischief, their mischievous acts/ play when these bundle of furry joy rotate and wag their tails on their entrance after waiting for them whole day’ they treat you as their parents, when they exhibit their profound affection by licking your face. For you it’s just one, for them you the only one.
SONADI” is a dedicated shelter who provide care to abandoned and sick animals and performing animal birth control operations. Mrs. Vandana Sengupta, if she can devote her complete life for them and still willing to work at the age of 70, Why can’t we?
“Being human is given; but keeping our humanity is a choice.”
So being a human or a beast, it’s all up to you. They doesn’t exist only to satisfy your playing urge, they follow life cycle as well, they grow young, they grow old too same as you do. In such a small span of lifecycle…Why you’ve shown plethora of non required brutal shades to those guiltless babies??
Why you’ve left them in this discourteous , impolite world and allowed them free under horrific open skies to cope up with harsh climate, with their never ending hunger hunt?
Why you snatched his roof??
Why you ceased yourself to ponder about his wellness?? that could have crushed them to death. But don’t worry you snap IT out from your life because now:
-You can build extra money from that precious time earlier that you was wasting on his walk.
-Now you going to save money  for own that could be waste on their unnecessarily medicinal requirements (ultimate planning for your stranded old life when your kids kicked you out in the same manner).
-Now accessorize that corner of your house to add on that missing charm in your interiors where she used to sit. (Seriously, what a waste of flesh she was, smelly, old, rotten, unhealthy, blemishing your furniture, useless who was proving as a black spot to your lifestyle that .)
-You can savour the peace in house, no nonsense bark anymore.
-No more filthy acts involves her shit cleaning, no more scolding, no more stress, no more burden on your holiday planning plans. All of your kith and kin are must be happy now that you would not seek their assistance.
CONGRATULATIONS!!! to all of your family and friends, owners of such disrespectful hearts that nobody advise and restrict you from taking such wicked step.

An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.”- Martin Buber
Now the question approach to these underprivileged babies. after a snap out chilling party by her owner how they gonna survive, especially when they have no specialized skill set for food hunt on the road jammed with traffic, without any shelter or suitable warm familiar section. But these stubborn spoiled would not try to understand the actuality that they are homeless now, still they continue wait for those undeserved people till ages and sometimes till their last breath. This is called “LOVE, FAITHFULNESS, LOYALTY, BONDING, TENDERNESS. Human please learn something from these modest speechless souls.
They are almost 100, most of them stray dogs, few of them sterilization cases, couple of accidental, threesome abandoned- 2 Pomeranian , 1 Labrador, getting treatment for their health inadequacy. Waiting for heartily families who will someday enter from that door to hug them, to cherish them and take them home as a family member. They don’t need much just a tender touch, that lost love.
I am not sure about the breed, “English cocker Spaniel” or “Cocker Spaniel”. Among all of the worst cases was of this poor four legged baby who was lying down and grabbed my attention by his continues agony bark, he lost all sensation in his lower body portion and was screaming in his extreme pain, tangled fur, dried eyes. This makes me sad and sure, though his owner left him here just 3 days before but was completely responsible for his ignored health. Once he was must be a snuggly, joyful and happy pup when his master welcomed him home and would be a talk of his pride, his show-offs but now unable to sip a drop of water. Dumped at the time he most required.

However, working staff are helping to these needy through their chronic efforts but it would be great if those love dipped aided hands fulfils such quint essential requirements on individual basis. There are examples of mankind who are nurturing them day and night but still they are looking for pure hearts families who’ll support them till their ends, who will remove the patch of fear created by disheartened masses. show them we are human, we are kind, tender, superior in answering love without any expectations.

For any kind of donation, adoption and other assistance. please contact:
“SONADI Charitable Trust”, J-1910, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi-110019
Tel:91-1126275216, 921213218, 9810054693, 9212797693. Email:[email protected]; (their shelter cum hospital based in Najafgarh, Delhi)

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  1. Loved reading every bit of it….It may sound rude but this is a harsh reality. Kudos to you for penning such a brave and heartfelt post.

  2. This breaks my heart. It’s always saddening to see stray dogs who aren’t getting enough food and nutrition and only live by scavenging. I’m happy there are NGOs like these who care about thee welfare of forsaken pets. I hope more people would learn to appreciate the lives of the animals around them. 🙁

  3. i also volunteer for a local animal shelter here in the PH (volunteering at aklan animal rescue center). it crushes my heart to see animals at their worst condition because of human violence. 🙁 🙁 🙁 we should be protecting them not crushing them… btw, are you familiar with the film, LOBSTER? your title reminded me of that film. it’s interesting, go watch it!

    1. 🙂 Sure, I would like to watch this movie.

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