Endearments of my first budget trip to Mcloedganj with Tripver

“I choose you, And I’ll choose you, over and over and over.                                                           Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat.                                                                                            I’ll keep choosing you.”   


When you’re aware of the fact that I admire the way of your fondness towards me, your time to time mechanism that you own to call me back in your arms. Our romance bloom on lap of your snow capped parallel mountains range and on the lavish green grass spread in far perceptible kms. Ooooo Mountains!!! you appreciate my giggles when I cuddle with you in snow, when I hug your flora, when my nostrils filled with crispy air. I blushed on your offerings packed with cotton candy clouds, crystal clear blue skies, transquil aerospace far away from tiring metro life keep enticing me to meet you as soon as possible. Then how could you believe I betrayed you on that misspend glamorous over occupied lifestyle. Honestly my never ending infatuation is trustworthy.

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That’s why to sew up this separation I chose Tripver to experience my first backbacking trip to Himalayas- to Mcloedganj. Our first point of contact were Mr. Aditya Thakur and Mr. Aditya Sharma, duo owners of docile, ineteractive, congenial, and most cooperative, professional personalities and charming persona. Since begining till back to our end line in Delhi both Captains/ Trip organisers contributed their maximum support which was commendable. It’s a perfect initiate in support of solo travellers or for small group of friends in a best possible way of maximum utilization of minimum investment in hands full of safety and entertainment. This adventure just vanished my fear of first time travel without my spouse.

Even so I prefer bird’s eye view for Himalayas but for encountering something afresh I was attempting to adjust in bus amidst full of unfamiliar faces from different origins of India indulged in varieties of profession- A RJ from Pune, few from Delhi corporate world, couple of entrepreneur, a talented guitarist and travellers from Dehradun, Chennai and other places.

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I mean a whole cluster of mini India that was trying to fabricate few nostalgic moments for years. Burnt out entire night half in dreams of next morning and half in having glimpse of sleeping peaceful routes that passing through villages and towns on the way. Early morning a golden streak of sunshine wake me up to the serene view of non hustled life of small towns of Himachal. Such calmness of this heaven of mountains alwas contradict with our daily running worthless life.


Ultimately those roads lead us to our destination based in the range of blissful Dhauladhar mountains. What an enthralling beauty known for tibetian touch, lama’s monastries, amazing view, transquil nature, fascinating skies, vibrant market, HPCA stadium and top of all my attention seekers affectionate furry mountain “pahari dogs” known as “Gaddi dogs”.For fresh-n-up we got an hour before to start our tight prefixed schedule of local sightseeing. Our stopover was in hotel “Turkish Cottage”in Bhagsunag, 2kms away from main town. Might be in dearth of backpacking concept I was not contented with the spacious apartment based room alloted to me attached with kitchen.


And here this called as amalgamation of professionalism and empathy, on this small trouble issue, Mr. Thakur offered an alternative of exchanging room with him and tranferred a portion of guilt over me for the balance trip. His utmost politeness and instantaneous decision making ability killed all my apprehensions. Beside this, Turkish Cottage is a budget hotel suitable for backpackers that offers standard, deluxe and super deluxe rooms with basic facilities of flat TV screen, comfy pillows and bed, phone, bathroom with  running hot water 24*7 along with gorgeous view of Dhauladhar range draped in white snow. But my personal opinion, staff need to focus on hygiene.


 Our lunch was organised by Tripver (included in package) in Tibet kitchen based in core of the town on Jogiwara Road, we all walked down 2 kms to enjoy that unexpected sumptuous gala lunch consisted of Tibetian/Bhutanese delicacies. After satisfying our taste buds and full tummy we moved ahead to admire charm of local sight seeing before sun set like Naddi point, Dal lake, Church, local monastry and museum. We checked few sovenirs as memory from the market that was flooded with woolen caps, himachal traditional dresses, ponchos, laughing buddhas, mini sculpture of lamas, lucky charms that usually we discern in our vaastu shops in our cities.



It was about to dark and we required to walk down long way to the monastry that would close at 7 O’clock in the evening. There we dashed in the premises at 6:45 P.M where guard was placing closed board and shout on us to run fast so that we would make out till 7. That divine and undisturbed peace of the ambience, restful smile on monks, those arresting radiant inner configuration of temple specially their delightful Prasad in the form of juices, candy bars, chocolates just enough to hold your legs for a while and  blow out every stress out of your mind for a moment.


Safety measures of the city is quite commendable, it was quite dark, market was almost close but we were roaming there as children play in the presence of their mother. Oh what a long day it was and my fatigued mind was asking for declaring it a day so that what I did after a long walk to our Hotel.


“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”


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