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Another Photowalk to Chandni Chowk-market full of life

“I’m content to stand on tradition. I’m even more content to wipe my feet on it.”- Aaron Allston.
Knowingly or unawared our roots still affiliating the richness of our traditions, old beliefs. Though today we are westernised, cultured, unlocked to new beliefs, globalised, embrace new ideas, matching our footsteps to the remaining world while on the other side wholeheartedly give respect to our values. As an Indian, this mash-up of impressions make us stand out from this world, such quint essential grip of both aspects can be seen anywhere in our country, but let elect Delhi (my birth place) as a specimen for now.
Where one side mirroring modern clubs and buzzy bars, fast pace running lives in metros for their corporate jobs accomodating in stylish suites and studio apartments where life is a waste with no Wifi and glittering golden night life. But have you ever glanced the puzzled complex narrow streets of old bazzar- like Chandni Chowk where plethora of reasons want you to quit your challenging patternalized routine to come back to our basics.
In between to and fro journey to Jaipur and Delhi that I enjoying in double decker AC train, I’m jotting down my affair with the market at the time of photowalk couple of months back. For this outdoor session we, a bunch of people met at the Chandni chowk metro station where we decided to divide in groups of 2 each. As a resident of the place, our instructor chose narrow streets of Kinari Bazaar for our captures.
Notice those unblemished old faces starring from any odd entrance of some Haveli, those wrinkled images who trying to figure out their daily wages, a chirpy mother bargaining for in vogue costume for her daughter, few devotees getting ready for their 3rd time Namaaz of the day, those road side hawkers who are dealing from authentic parathas to trendy 100 bucks accessories which is no less than any fashionable brand.
-Have you ever drooled for mouth watering delicious parathas to sweetened lassi? -Have you ever witnessed those antiquated buildings? Garner all such excuses, aren’t they capable enough to spellbind your attention.
It’s hard to handle such unavoidable circumstances to get escaped from this treasured stoppage of Delhi by any local resident. For a moment, just leave exotic escapades and re-explore this centuries age old busiest market whose foundation lie in royal era designed by Shajahan’s favourite daughter, Jahanara. Chandni Chowk/or moonlight square was famous for its silver merchants. Silver=Chandi (in Hindi); a slight deformation and here is the present name. Close to Red Fort and old railway station included a series of markets–

  • Kinari bazaar-famous for Zari and Zardozi work
  • Katra- cloth bazaar, fabrics like silk, satin, crepe
  • Moti bazaar– for shawls and pearls and many more specifically for spices, electronic good, Camera, shoes….


  • PicsArt_01-08-01.17.37

In these congested streets, I tried to capture and stole few magical bound moments. As memories are meant to fade but images not though it’s not easy to stand still for any capture in choked strip of concrete. But it was fun when people thought us as media person, out of curiosity even they clasped our way to know about our incitement with our cameras. Through proper dedication we turned our noon to evening just in hope to freeze the liveliness, vibrancy, exhilaration and occupancy in that hustle bustle.
Is really my dedication reflecting in these images? If it is worthy to admire please show in the comment, beside this share your opinion that is most required to make me improve in any kind of shortfall.

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  1. superb post, I must say.which theme is this, my friend?

    1. Thanks!!my blog based on my travel experiences and eateries review and sometimes on the captures taken in the way of photowalk…

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