The Gourmet High Street,2015, Gurgaon

The Gourmet High Street,2015, Gurgaon

“A recipe has no soul. You as the cook must being soul to the recipe.”


 To manifest this into reality ‘Culinary Comm.Pvt. Ltd’. brought India’s top notch renowned chefs together on a platform of “The Gourmet High street, Gurgaon”. And with a hard earned (won) VIP pass I couldn’t miss the chance to spot the experienced, past, present & motivated aspiring upcoming chefs who brought universal flavours in this festival.


It was the 2nd edition of first International food and drink festival launched on 4th December that ended on 6th Dec,15 in Leisure Park Valley, Gurgaon with nominal entry fees of INR 350 per day & INR 650 for all 3 days. This festival is an attempt to quell a life long wait of culinary art lovers who had been holding back for such affair in their city. A initiate to promote and make them aware of different universal cuisine from across the world, that helped the attendees to acquire expertise on few authentic dishes.


I along with my family stop by the venue in the evening, simply the arrangements was extremely good. Aligned of different counters of Gourmet product importers, food spots, barbeque section along with unique drink arrangements of ‘Chivas Regal’ was exhibiting the array of wooden barrels that announcing their “NEW Family Member’ in the world of whisky.


The place was captivatingly embellished with soothing paper lanterns and fully occupied with hunger arousal smell that was enough to fabricate anyone’s evening.


The basic aim was to generate and gain a level in the market of food and drinks by organising such exhibition all over the country. Here, I found unique and advanced new series of cookware with vibrant colours and textures and new technology which are still uncommon in Indian market but can make a revolutionary impact on time saving once people get habitual of such advances.PicsArt_12-13-11.01.27

For food lovers, such events are bliss where you not only get the awareness of new products of kitchen section but in addition to 3 live-in workshops where the first time the finest leagues of celebrity chefs showed their culinary skills and experiments. ‘Culinary Grind’ by Amira food presented different session with chefs like “Vikas Khanna, Sarah Todd, Saransh Goila, Amrita Raichand, Aditya Bal, Sanjeev Kapoor, Diego Martinelli, Ranveer Brar, Manish Mehrotra, Gaggan Anand, Vicky Ratnani, Thomas Blanchard, Tanveer Kwatra.

Instead in participating the show I preferred to capture Amrita

Gaggan Anand


In these live conferrals of authentic recipes and cooking techniques common food lovers got the chance to see and meet their favourite chefs & chance to relax their taste bud by smacking their hot served creation. Food is incomplete if it is not accompanied by a fine smelled wine, so for drink and wine lovers another workshop was  “The Sipping Turf”; extra entry fee of  200 INR p.p. Famous mixologist and sommeliers like Zibi  taught the art of mixing, serving and presentation of drinks; selection of correct glass and serving techniques (not for me).


Third one was the “The Cooking Studio” where people participated in cooking sessions and gained minute uncommon, less known few advantageous details.


With plethora of food-food everywhere the fundamental aim was just to bring gourmet world under one roof. The event was powered by Hindustan Times, Tropicana-Juice partner, Ingredient partner-Food hall, All in all I spent gala time with my kid and food around everywhere.


“Food is essential to life; therefore make it good.”


Suggestions, advices welcome and don’t forget to mention about my captures used in this post.

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