Ponda (Goa) – A lifespan memorable incident

‘I got lost but look what I found”- Irving Berlin.
Have you ever been lost in the jungles- precisely in the Western Ghats of Goa. While pursuing the place monogrammed as Ponda  (also known as Fonda) which is famous for major Hindu temples like Mahalaxmi temple, Sri Ramnath Temple, Sri Nagauesh temple and couple of others, spices & plantation. On a suggestion of a fellow couple of our resort last night, we opt an early morning bike traverse adventure to Ponda (29 kms from South east of Panjim).
Next morning after done with our extremely enjoyable water sports on Calangute Beach (hardly 5 mins walk from our beautiful resort) we sow the seeds of our road journey subsequent to sumptuous refreshing English breakfast. As an essential we grabbed a map from the reception for superior knowledge and clarity of directions. Though me and Ritesh both remains electric charged for any expedition/trips and shares extreme bonding and coordination. But in this incident his decision of overriding my suggestions became reason of our suffering, delightfully he would remember and damns himself to repeat it again ;). That’s why guys must listen to their girl 😉
Morning was dazzling, swaying palms and garden fresh air full of Goan sea moist fragrance was energizing our body. We had a bike, a map and a wandering soul who were heading to Panjim (as a first stoppage for reconsidering map). By relishing the nature in it’s alluring beauty and putting faith on him I almost forgot about our pre decided halt but as soon as I recovered my senses he already crossed Panjim and moving ahead to South Goa without consulting anyone.Oh really was this happening. Oh God!! At last!! on my continuous reminders of seeking someone’s advice, he discontinued his presumably never ending bike ride nearby to fresh crab selling vendors.
As per the guidance we took left for Ponda without calculating the distance from there (my sixth sense was keep on poking me that it was not a good decision, instead of entering direct from Panjim we were about to catch some less explored long route without any knowledge).  Ahaan!! I’m sure there was something in the breakfast that insisting him to do so :). And that was the turning point of the journey that would proved as a high time experience for us.
It was the small village based on the entrance of western Ghats depicting other side of Goan lifestyle, totally dissimilar, non identical to the remaining Union Territory. We saw Govt. school, kuccha pucca houses, local transport, villagers rushing towards their daily routines, no foreigners, no urban touch, no classy resorts. That dropped me in the profound complex feeling of an alien coz I was wearing shorts and quite uncomfortable in this atmosphere. Then we left people behind , homes and started penetrating deeper; on having one side lush green forest of Western Ghats while others side seems like an old port of Panjim as rusted residual bodies of aged ships were lying on the patches of the Arabian Sea (and definitely they do have great history behind).
In between the erratic voyage to the place chosen, confusing thoughts were passing in and out so as the tires were rolling round and round leaving behind the hint of human beings, traces of huts, tarnished sign boards that made worst to found the exact position on the map. Only melodious voice of chirping birds and smooth and slippery roads was dishonestly leading us to the hope of the way. After spinning wheels for more than 3 hours by the grace of God we reached to a petrol pump on margin of our fuel stock, we had some water; that time empty fuel tank could have been proved as the nightmare.
Now the picture was clear and we need to catch Goa Manglore Highway- NH-17 (we were still 100 kms far from Panjim. Meanwhile sun mounted up on our heads and with fully tanned body we moderately contented to know the exact route, yet we didn’t have any other option. Till the time we were fully exhausted , jumbled, hungry and in frustration of heat he quit the idea to visit any temple, means for me; Hey!! after so much struggle what does that means  , wht’s the point!! poor me :(. But somehow in a way or two his decision was perfect for the moment, we wouldn’t started this unexpected journey with any kind of basic preparation required; he didn’t want to take anymore chance with me or bike.
In exchange of the proposal, he agreed on capturing couple of clicks and for a round on our way back to Panjim to help me in catching a glimpse of International Film Festival, deal was fair enough. Despite the fact of searching an unknown we encountered the pristine experience that could never became the part of our trip if it was not happened mistakenly.
Note: This was from memories as a tourist instead of traveler, that now makes beyond the bounds of possibility to present the scene with more relevant captures.

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