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Olive Bistro- An unexpected stoppage meal

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known”- Carl Sagan

And you never knows until you butt the venture; for anyone waiting sounds dullness, requires lot more patience, wastage of productive time, procedure to judge your anger management that could indirectly enhance your personality development; just a quip!! ;)But what if such a wait leads your footsteps to the fruitfereous destination where you’ve never been before.


Same has happened to me, though it’s been a month where I’d a quick out of the blue dinner at the restaurant having name “Olive Bistro”. The evening I was waiting for my husband in Cyber Hub, Gurgaon and when I realised that after cooling my heels for an hour elephant sized mice started hopping in my stomach. I am not a foodie at all and usually I prefer to avoid to grab a meal alone any where outside but eventually I haven’t had anything since morning and before the situation went out of possible, first time I decide to enjoy the meal all alone after devoting my 5 minutes on net in R&D on the nearby good food ventures; I chose “Olive Bistro”


As the name proposes “Bistro”- a small restaurant serves French home style slow cooked food with wine”; same this eatery spoon out Italian, European and Mediterranean cuisines. it’s opening time : 12 noon to 11:30 PM (IST).  Let’s start with the ambience first:


Ambience: The first eye catching alluring component that punch me at the entrance was it’s vintage based ambience that surely have a charismatic appealing features, at least for me. Comprehension of painted walls with bold words scribbled, old designed wooden furniture with comfy seating, unique artistic chandelier made of bone china plates and pearls, use of miniature parachutes and bird cages with the wield of dim light enchant me and was working as patchwork  to other vintage décor based restaurants.IMG_20150821_200848 Somehow it makes me remind of any random shack based in Goa, I was very much comfortable in it’s tenor. And you’ll definitely agree with me that encountering any moment is better than describing it later in words; no doubt this place is a crowd pleasure.   Rating: 3.5/5

Service: On my moment of approach I raised a request for 2 seating from one of the staff member who was attired more or less identical to Italian ensemble; as I abide fortunate to get a comfortable corner without any prior reservation. All of them were cultivated and timely respondent which must a quintessential for any successful business run. My food attendant was cooperative and suggest couple of dishes synchronizing with my taste and the combination of drink I picked for the eve; there I’d earned the quality self peace. Rating: 3/5


Cuisine: Behind the fact of grabbing a quick treat, I don’t have an expert command on culinary art; art that attracts and captivate your taste buds, bring water in your mouth, bend you to drool with the help of interesting food. After rolling down my eyes on the menu I’ve ordered a glass of Cosmopolitan– that was a smooth blend of vodka, triple sac and cranberry juice that was complimentary with buns and salsa. 


Among the choice of “Balsamic MushroomsRicotta and lime stuffing and light balsamic marinade with bravas sauce (being more partial for mushrooms 🙂 ) and Penne Arrabbiata, I picked the later. Penne was spicy house made pomodoro sauce tossed with Mediterranean vegetables and fresh basil and topped with parmesan cheese, proved as a good suggestion by the food attendant.  Rate: 3.5/5


It’s a calm place to spend time with family and friends with a bent of outdoor seating you can opt for.

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