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Photo walk- Humayun's Tomb, Delhi

Referring Delhi as a capital of India or a metro city by just focussing on the fast life and other high life problems without concentrating the real beauty of it’s heritage; definitely would not do the justice with the city. Among many jewels Humayun’s Tomb is one of the appealing monuments that sprinkle the Persian effects in its architectural style and was made by Mirak Mirza Ghiyath (from Persia) on the wish of Hamida Banu Begum; in the remembrance of her husband Mughal Emperor Humayun.
It is a beautiful place that surrounded by gardens which included almost 150 graves of the Mughal royal family. Beside this, there are other attributes that define the heritage site delightfully and that draws our attention to capture its beauty through our photo walk , so let the images speak…
cropped-dsc_0280-copy.jpgDSC_0226 - Copy
DSC_0288 - Copy
DSC_0295 - Copy
DSC_0230 - Copy
DSC_0269 - Copy
DSC_0324 - Copy
DSC_0297 - Copy
DSC_0299 - Copy
DSC_0255 - Copy
DSC_0341 - Copy
Suggestions, advice, appreciation, comments all are welcome. I am waiting to listen from your’s just a starting and a long way to cover ..I just raised a least step towards it.
“A camera is a save button for the minds eye.”- Rogu Kingston

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  1. I missed this when I was in Delhi. Lovely images!

    1. Thnku so much Indah…

  2. beautiful pictures especially the tree symmetry one…

    1. Thanks Purva!!

  3. Lovely pictures, Priyanka. Looks like it’s a very popular place. Did you undertake this walk by yourself or along with some group?

    1. Thanks Arv!! with friends of my Photography group. I don’t believe in solo tag so always love to share some joy and happiness in the company of my friends and family.

      1. great to know. Priyanka. 🙂

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