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Woman- A term has a complete world in its own

“A women is like a tea bag-you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water”.-Eleanor Roosevelt.

The topic of women empowerment has gaining weight day by day since after Independence in India where women from rural or urban areas getting encouragement for rubbing their shoulders with men in different sectors.


They are participating in fields like politics, financial services, engineering, aviation, architecture, IT or medical jobs that once were overruled by male dominating societies who labelled service sectors jobs are the only jobs that meant for women like beautician, waitress, nurses etc.This discrimination issue was on its highest rate in last few centuries where women were struggling for their existence even in their homes and societies though now a days government is also providing a sound platform for them, but situation still need far more consideration.


Here, I got a chance to be a part of an event for which related shooting happened on the juncture of Independence Day- Program name was “Agle janam mohe Bitiya hi Kijo.” means a request for granting a life as a daughter in next birth. Here 48 female achievers from different sectors had been invited to tribute, in the presence of honorable “Meneka Gandhi“- Indian Union Cabinet minister for women and child development; an animal right activist; “Anandiben Patel-Gujarat Chief Minister; Shalu Jindal– vice president of the Flag Foundation of India and Open space Jindal foundation and a Kuchipudi dancer. It’s a new talk show that was telecasting from 15th Aug,2015, and is based on the achievements of selected women who had left remarkable presence in their sectors with the main aim of empowering women by discussing the current issues and significant advises associated to them.


Here are few names from that I individually admired and inspired:-

Gulabo Sapera: She is a Kalbelia dancer from Rajasthan. She was buried live just one hour of her birth but later rescued by her Aunt, now she is a famous celebrity who took the name of our nation to on international platforms.


Ridhi Phor: An eleven year old girl from Karnal who is a gold medalist archer. Her family is very down to earth and jovial by nature.

Ira Singhal: She is first physically challenged Delhi based 2015 UPSC examination topper.

Paro: She is a Jaipur based newspaper hawker who belongs to poverty stricken family. She has chosen to help her family by following the footsteps of her father at very early age and continued her studies juxtaposed.

Granny sisters: Two uneducated sister in laws, shooters from small village of Uttar Pradesh who started their career as shooter at the age of  60 and now they provide trainings to various national and international shooting players.

Yogeshwari Mistry: She has been gifted from amazing flexible body best suited for Yoga, she appeared in Indian’s Got Talent show and beside this she made so many adorned and graceful performances till now.


Shakti Sharma– SSP of Kashmir; Lt. Col.Radha Sharma, Lt.Col. Monica Sharma are few of my favorite identities who made this nation proud. Salute to all of these women who fought with their destinies, unfavorable lucks ,done hard work to mark standards for other female citizens. This talk show is an attempt to celebrate the independence of women in every spheres of their lives from their rights, decision making powers, education to their mental peace, awareness, participation for their growth and development which is the high and essential requirement of the time.


It’s an instant demand on that I’ve agreed with it, “Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says, Oh crap she’s up!”

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