Incredible India-My Independent India

Incredible India-My Independent India

“Better to die fighting for freedom than be a prisoner, all the days of your life”.-Bole Marley.

“If you’re not ready to die for it, put the word freedom out of your vocabulary.”-Malcolm X.

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And here once again India celebrated it’s Independence day, the 69th one. A proud quint essential moment that sufficient enough to fill deep inside every citizen’s heart with patriotic vigorous dedicated feelings towards their nation, my nation. This is not the matter of 3 national holidays but my every single breath is under chronic influence of my motherland who has exceptional history behind and it’s my pledge that if I would get a chance to devote my petite life for her that gonna be a chance of honor for me.

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India is often described as a land of various cultures, religions, diversities in innumerable languages, disparate climates, serves potpourri of heritage, traditions, encountered profound and great antiquity of bravery, witnessed up and downfall of plenty of kingdoms, experienced and bruised in merciless partition where a piece of land unnecessarily got separated on the name of notorious political game. Not only this, India is the birth place of egg headed minds that possess uncountable solemn discoveries on their names either for the invention of Zero “0” by Aryabhatta or for the buttons” that was the generated in the oldest Indus valley civilization. “Diamonds” were first mined in central India gradually developed as a precious stone. Moreover, people belonging to the Harappa civilization were the first to build a dock” in Lothal, that proves immense mind use in oceanology and marine engineering.

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Nevertheless apart from this, melodramatic vibrant Bollywood which is famous for its colors, stories, huge sets that somehow depicts our culture, belle landscapes from Himalayan range of Kashmir to Indian Ocean of Kanyakumari which has ability to renew our life where every particles originate the fumes of richness and varieties that will imprint on your mind forever.

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This is the land of temples and festivals that abundant our heart with spirituality where people celebrate different occasions but as one united with great pomp and show on high note yet simplicity is not in Indian’s vocabulary that to and fro enhance the prominent feeling of brotherhood and sharing and how could we forget spicy flavored gourmet street foods that is the lifeline of our paramount population on which most of the students and general masses based.

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Our subcontinent is the homeland and native place of “Yoga”practice that soothe down an individual’s stress, anxiety, improves confidence, rejuvenate our souls, refreshes our mind and recharge our body by having hold on our breathing practice, through which we can experience the serene effects in our personality. I individually is the admirer of yoga.

After having glance on so much unique specialties and diversities, that’s why we known it as “Incredible India”.15th Aug is celebrated as our national festival. There’s lot more to describe this magnificent topic on which we are gaining salubrious knowledge since our childhood from our education system, parents and society that we would proudly pass to our next generation. Children are considered as the mirror of the nation. I remember my childhood days when we used to set foot in the campus early in the morning where melodious patriotic song were blowing up in the ambiance, playing a role of any freedom fighter, unfurling of national flag and pouring down the flower petals on little school uniforms led a smile on the minor faces accompanied with the distribution of sweets at the closing of the ceremony.All such ventures injects deep down the urge of nationalism sentiments in bijou anatomy.

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These are the fundamentals provided since beginning that encourage every generation in advance towards the commitment of their duties for nation.

As a civilian we must understand that it’s not just a commemorating holiday on which we revise our freedom neither on any routine news when any headline hit the newspaper on social media related to any defense personnel’s life’s loss for our soil since many of us taken this opportunity of free air and land as granted forgetting behind the hard driven cumulative efforts done by our great martyr freedom fighters or by our armed forces who sacrificed and continue to surrendering their comforts, devoting their lives, love, families, health behind to achieve only one mission our nation’s Independence, Our INDIA’S INDEPENDENCE. It’s an elementary efforts to utter or jot down the admirable words for our nation but nobody understand the value of freedom more than the identities who brawl to perpetuate it.

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Indian armed force shares 4th position in the world defense chart after U.S.A, Russia, China whereas Indian Air force enjoys the 7th rank under “power category”  and many more achievements on their names, these people who saves our lives by hovering our country’s sky to keep an eye on the adultery practices that could destruct our nation’s peace. Their lives are strict, disciplined , based on rules and regulations–who are they–normal people with extraordinary skills developed under tough trainings. If they could manage bird eye watch on our national boundaries than why can’t we help them in order to maintain the betterment of mankind by different measures instead of showing unnecessary fury and rage for the system.

Not just these contemporary efforts, our history manifests freedom fighters like Shahid Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad and more shed their blood for our bright future. English rulers set up different strategies to break down the stamina, unity, strength, bonding of independence activists who took participate in freedom movements. Construction of Cellular Jail in Andaman is one of the example of their inhuman blueprint for that I’ll cover the detailed blog later on the history of it.


Since ages our alluring country holds the dignity and charm on the heights of achievements for us and need developments on some ignorant zones in revert that could help us in unexpected ways, focus on it, it’s the time now.

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PC: Majority of pics taken from Incredible India, a campaign started in 2002 by Govt. of India to promote tourism of India, all of their posters are conceptual and having richness in colors that boosting the attraction of International tourists and dispensing the spick and span image of our citizens.

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