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"LOCKUP-An eatery review"

There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”    –George Bernard Shaw.

In full support of this quote I am favoring the love for food as there is another saying stated “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well”. but have you ever experienced or imagine the relishment of meal behind the bars as a prisoner. Because any kind of conviction filled our mind with fear that only supports lack for basic amenities. yet, what if you get both counters together, abundance of flavors with echo of custody.IMG_20150523_134432 So on following the path of satisfying our taste buds and to endeavour something new beside other local conventional restaurants we gave it a try to this one, Lockup. basic factor was it’s fresh concept that made me stuck while browsing online for the weekend plan with my friends.We done prior booking online after confirming the date and seat availability with the staff. it is located in Gurgaon though the nearby vicinity doesn’t correlate with it’s vintage look and it’s exterior.

An different experience
A different experience


Lockup is a refreshingly theme based eatery that depicts the picture of a jail where you can enjoy authentic meal with the sense of victim beside props used: handcuffs, jail cubicles,jail uniform of our food attendant, decoration with iron chains, posters underscoring the subjects, police jeep at the entrance that enhancing the darker shade of life inside any prison. It’s appealing interior was the only element that enforced us to hit the place in such a hot weather and scorching sun, just for a lunch?? Oh really?? It’s rugged coal stained wall and in similar texture of A/C makes you commemorate the vintage look but must say amalgamation of mouth watering food, courteous service and striking theme made it worthy.



Here comes the food. After capturing few clicks for our memory we met our food attendant uniformed in black and white as cell inmate. No doubt menu has varieties so as per his suggestion over the quantity we started with 4 starters i.e. Dahi Kabab, Afgani Chicken, Chicken Malai Tikka (marinated in cashew nut paste), Achari Paneer Tikka (because our spice senses are much illustrious and fierce). Among which Afgani Chicken was the perfect blend of culinary skills that dissolves after leaving mushy peppery flavour. IMG_20150523_142141 In drinks we picked Aam ka Panna to beat the heat as in drinks variation were limited. Till the time we reach main course we were almost full but still to follow the eating manner we ordered 2 curries: Panner Tikka butter masala and Chicken Lababdar with butter naan (indian bread). Both the curries were too refined and prime admixture of ingredients, spices and culinary skills. At last on top of the meal we cool down our tongue with icecream in desserts.Though the items were fundamental Indian food but it’s palate was persistent. IMG_20150523_142122



Manager/ Eatery owner, food attendant all were very courteous and friendly which is a plus point for any of the service provider in enhancing their business and on treating their customer as a King “any business law”. IMG_20150523_155020 My rating: Enough variety of relishing food, quality time that we all spent there, proper utilization of small place enough to contented us.This is my personal view, as when we pay for any facility we illustrate true picture.

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