5th 21 Gun Salute International Vintage Car Rally,2015

“It’s not the honor that you take with you but the heritage you leave behind.” -Branch Rickey
Developing any new taste is the indication of improvement and the efforts towards the path of matching your foot pace to the rest of the world. With least knowledge and passion in cars, all of a sudden I planned a visit to “21st Gun Salute Vintage Car Rally,2015.” held in Leisure Valley, Gurgaon to enjoy the awe of heritage, history, art, royal lifestyle to tread on the heels of cars and motorbikes linked to such attributes.
This event scheduled for 2 days in the month of Feb.On day 1, after inauguration rally started from Red Fort from where all Royal cars trailed down the path to Gurgaon. Here, 51 Maharajas and Nawabs (Indian kings from different origins) gathered here from all over different states of India to share the same platform for flaunting their preserved beauties.
Such alluring numbers enjoy the crown of a showstopper among rest of the traffic when they string down on the street. These are such separate kind of luxury and genre that has been conserving from years, few belongs to 1930’s and from the time of second world war.
After such painstaking efforts taken by their owners since generations these beauties are comfy, classic and subtle and are still maintaining their grandeur in today high pace of automobiles. All these were categorized under sections like preserved, working, non working, war related etc. Here a collection of vintage bikes was as icing on the cake.
Back to the programme, we went on the 2nd day event where all the coaches had been showcased for common masses, some are from Singapore and from Malaysia. There were performances alignedd throughout the day to make the event enriched with Mir Mukhtiyar Ali and the Sabri Bros.famous for their harmonious Sufi notes and so on.The ceremony has ended with award distribution in the wait of next year leaving behind the spread of memories.
For this time let the pictures boom…than the words.

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