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Scuba Diving on our anniversary- A bit of apprehensive but an elated experience

“A good friend listens to your adventures, a best friend makes them with you.”
So here I am pointing Ritesh as mine best friend ,who also bitten by travel bug. And in spite the fact we aware of that we both are just a molecule of this illustrious deep galaxy our fidget mind always push us to explore more on the way to adventure. And that would be an add on if the day was our Marriage Anniversary. Everyone has an adventurous side some one avid & explicit in the beginning others need a push to make up their mind. But as we share same taste so ‘Oh darling! why couldn’t we sealed the day on the name of we two adventurers’. Hence, that’s how we planned our magnificent delighted Andaman islands trip.
Attributes like pristine, sun kissed, white sand beaches, clear blue sky portraying its reflection on the sea mirror, fresh breeze, innumerable small crabs that trying to run before our foot land, belle scenery are just an overture of this beautiful land “Andaman & Nicobar Islands”. Leaving behind my cherishing memories and reconsidering on sharing my first experience of our adventurous scuba diving.
So on the contrary of celebrating the day in candle light dinner or exchanging gifts we chose to go with this stirring affair on 25th Nov.,2014. Our instructors was from Ocean Pearl Dive resort and they have a team of PADI certified instructors. Scuba included in our itinerary for one go it costs around RS.3500 p.p. My concern as a non swimmer raised the fight between a gruesome tingling feeling and in my ardour heart in which my credence won that made me to embark the way.
It was a sunny bright day & we reached their office around 10 O’clock. We started the procedure by signing consent documents which I believe a quint essential requirement. After that swim suits according to our body preferences allocated and individual divers had been assigned to us. We headed towards the sea shore at their office backyard.
As we’d never done the scuba yet we spent almost half an hour in understanding the basic safety maneuvers and the breathing techniques with the use of regulator. After familiarizing with ear equalizing skills with safety signs by hand as signal interaction with divers, adjustment with the heavy weights on waist and bulky oxygen cylinder on my back we jumped in. Before that I asked my coach (sorry, I don’t remember his name) that “will he able to bring me up safely after this session?”, the boy laughed with the assurance and requested not to doubt him. His native place was South Andaman, but for bread and butter he settled in Havelock, he was a proficient diver with 5 years experience.
Once I dipped in I observed the instant change of my world, for me it was scary as I was keep on reminding myself about the breathing procedure which was so unnatural and was trying to recall all the safety sign. Slowly when we descending into the ocean the only voice I could hear was of my heart beat along with in and out of my breathing. A fear of what if I was unable to come out was keep on hitting my mind but once I started with encountering marine life all negative thoughts were about to vanish. Couple of times my coach ensured my safety; after few meters swim we met Ritesh with his coach and he was enjoying much more. Having a view this, I decided to learn swimming before approaching other sea trip.
My poise boost up when I glazed down my favorite clown fishes since I saw “Finding Nemo” cartoon movie in my childhood, were shying and trying to hide in the coral reefs. So many others colorful, vibrant, small, big fishes had flaunting themselves in their self world. It let me wondered and undertaken the fact of human who so tiny and helpless here without the connectivity of oxygen and see these creatures niche residing peacefully in their docile world indirectly indicating the margins that has been allotted by nature for everyone to survive then why we human prefer to dominate, interfere and ruin nature’s cycle for their self benefit.
Altogether we were 5 people in a group but I was unable to locate their presence nearby. One of the sudden, my coach showed a long slippery green object was lying on the sea bed, as soon as he tried to grab it to hand over it to me I pulled his hand vigorously that in a fraction of second he came upward down. Though funny but I was extremely sorry for such weirdness act, he told me after it was just a sea cucumber.
After spending almost half an hour a kind of tiredness and parched mouth was insisting my inner self to get back to the beach in a comfort of warm cozy resort’s bed but my courage jogged my memory to avail this infrequent activity to the fullest. Deep down the shallow in between the rocks after witnessing marine lives so closely, enjoying green and blue, feeling aqua souls, possessing valuable unforgettable memories it was a time to come up after 45-50 mins session which is good enough for a first timer. Stretch of water surface to the sea edge fell me in a chance of had a conversation with my coach in familiarizing his inhabitant background. Someway I washed down his queries and concerns about urban metro lifestyle and for Goan fate.
I admired the one appreciable  strength of these bifurcated islands of no concept of tip and begging, in acceptance of poverty here people prefer commitment to work and for country’s development other Indian states should follow such traits.
“Face your fears and you’ll be free forever.”  Lucas Jonkman


  1. I, too, am a non-swimming diver! I get very nervous sometimes, but it is all so worth it in the end that I push on through. I love all your pictures! And your words! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    1. Yes, Rebecca you are right..such adventurous experience left us strong behind..

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