Kingdom of Dreams (KOD)- combination of bliss and colors


“A good life is a collection of happy moments”.- Denis Waitley

If you wish to experience the blend of colorful fun, live theater entertainment, touch of cultural values, flavor of varieties of gourmet cuisines that follows the different conceptual lifestyle of non-identical states of India, exhibition of art then that zenith is here in Kingdom of Dreams (KOD). It is one and only leisure destination that can fulfill your vivacious dreams. 


Beside living in metro city Delhi I’d never put this place under my consideration until the time came. While shuffling between the happening places nearby on the occasion of Chiyu’s first birthday, KOD hit my mind. Personally as I am not much in favor of celebrating babies/toddler birthday with great pomp & show at the age when they are not mature enough to sense the celebration of creating memories. Instead of this my focus usually stick to offer anything or place where they can rejoice with pleasure. So I must say KOD is the essence of that modern entertainment.


Almost 2 years passed but past of that one day jollification still apprehend my mind.It is located in Gurgaon near Leisure Valley, while parking its first exterior look threw a picture of big melodrama set of any Bollywood movie that spreads in 6 acres area and was just a glimpse of the inner world. Furthermore while purchasing entry tickets, camel riding and specially reverse bungee jumping aroused our curiosity to explore this small sphere.It’s an individual choice either to get clicked at the doorway or step ahead to admire the beauty, we did both. There we encountered with 3 separate sections i.e. Culture Gully, Nautanki Mahal Auditorium and Showshaa theater that provides an option between 3 stage plays ‘Jhumroo‘, ‘Zangoora‘ and ‘Wizwits‘ (this one is for children). Theatre need patience, time and definitely this was not the day so after arresting some side and front angles in camera and took a little peep outside we entered Culture Gully.


The first glance left all of as dumbfound, introduction of such concept in India at least for me was new. It’s lightening effect made us feel of day light, ambiance was showcasing the crafts, arts, cuisine avenue at one place. It had unique architectural set up each representing 14 different states that had separate theme based kitchen and restaurants.


In such a sultry month of April, this place worked as cool breeze. Visit to such a place not only breaks monotony of life but also good for reunion of complete family. You can watch the performances of the dancers that represent folk dance in a time interval. As and when the wave of the Rajasthani folk dance ‘Ghoomer’ struck my head, I wished to be the part of that group but somehow hesitation curbed my feet. there were lot of states specialized crafts depicting their prominent culture.



Each and every corner was holding its province like Hyderabad was revealing its Shahi concept of Tehzeeb and had great influence of Mughlai culture on cuisine and ambiance, same with a local passenger train box was standing honorably ready to show off Mumbai’s lifestyle, unfortunately that time Goa theme was under construction. All balconies were interconnected and every area was lively enough to stare abundantly.

For dinner we chose Punjab dhaba prioritized on sitting arrangements that was spacious enough to unfurl our legs.Best part was its entry tickets that includes food charges to a prescribed limit, in case of overdraft you can simply top up the card. Variety of food was limited, had not much choice so we ordered basic sarson ka saag, Makke ki roti, lassi, elementary and homely touched cuisine but worthy on swapping with the sitting comfort.


Presence of ample colors, introductory variety of culture, stylish concept with awe architecture, live performances brightened Chiyu’s birthday full of peppiness, no other place could do such justice.


“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”- Oprah Winfrey

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