JAIPUR- An introduction from my perspective

“It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy that makes happiness.”    -Charles Spurgeon

I am grateful via this blog I get an opportunity to write about the capital city of Royal land of Rajasthan enriched in it’s profound history and heritage, vibrant culture and gourmet spicy cuisines,The Pink City-JAIPUR. It is surrounded by the Aravalli Range; the place where I was brought up having alluring childhood memories of school and family along with unforgettable mischievous teenage remembrance of college and friends though I am still connected with the place and usually visit on monthly basis.

As per my believe Delhi and Jaipur will part of my life till my last breath however both of these cities share individual non parallel attributes but both of them are close to my heart.


There is lot to write about one of my favorite “Jaipur” that’s not possible to cover in a single blog. In between the confusion of highlighting that which prominent characteristics must be given priority to share first; I jumbled to pick one. So, for my first time I would like to give brief introduction of this belle city which is one of the known tourist place and lie in Golden Triangle of India along with Delhi and Agra.

Ample of historic places that portray opulent lifestyle kingdom, smell of bravery, history full of enthusiasm that maintains docile yesterday:

  • Amer Fort/Palace (also known as Amber Fort, photogenic view in Monsoons in the contrast of greenery spread on hills)
  • Jaigarh Fort (holds world’s largest canon used only once.)
  • Nahargarh Fort (where movie “Rang De Basanti”shot, famous among city’s youth as hang out point in the lap of nature)
  • Jantar Mantar (200 years old observatory made by King Sawai Jai Singh)
  • Jal Mahal (This palace always creates a ravishing experience whenever I move back and forth between Delhi and Jaipur and its no entry always puts an intrigue impression. )


  • City Palace (Still the royal family of Jaipur shares a portion of the palace, it is a must seeing heritage place.Hub holding number of global events, recently authority started “Museum at night” programme with  Sculpture Lumiere Show)
  • Hawa mahal (meaning “Palace of winds”, a five storey building full of windows acted as a veil to the blue blooded females in the olden days to facilitates the pleasure of enjoying uninterruptedly the festivals parades used to happen on the road.)
  • Albert Hall Museum (Located in the core of the city. Appealing point- can watch gathering of pigeons same as we in the front of Taj Hotel, Mumbai.

On contrary to these ancient sublime monuments there are places that reveals true prominent shades of today’s local life culture that trying to match their speed with metro lifestyle such as:

IMG_20131215_170512 - Copy

  • Raj Mandir Cinema Hall (Despite a movie hall it is famous for it’s opulent and fascinating interiors)
  • World Trade Park (The building based on the saying “avail all the facilities from needle to entertainment under one roof” fulfilling the metro concept, Specialty: laid down the foundation with golden brick)
  • Jawahar Kala Kendra (Hub for all artistic related activities, my favorite as I’d been the part of its numerous crafts exhibitions. Beside that this place offers platform to seminars, center of famous international literature festivals and conferences.)
  • Statue Circle (Local hang out point among common masses)
  • Kanak Vrindavan garden (Common picnic spot at the foot of Nahargarh hills)

Beside these there are ample of temples located reveals the substantial spirituality of the common folks enough to refresh their mind and rejuvenate their soul.


Blessing to eyes
Blessing to eyes
  • Birla Mandir (also known as Laxmi  Narayan temple embellished with white marble)
  • Iskon Temple (newly constructed Lord Krishna’s Temple)
  • Govind Devji Temple (this temple is located in the core of the city as a heart of it, depicts mesmerizing history that soothes your mind and soul.)
  • Moti Dungri temple (Lord Ganesha Temple)
  • Galtaji Temple (Surrounded by hills, famous for congenial and mischievous monkeys beside pilgrims baths.)  

In addition, there are copious whereabouts that efficient to raise the popularity of this rejuvenating city that still lying far behind the hustle of today’s swift pace which efficacious enough for my attraction for my remaining my life.

20141023_071753 - Copy
An Introduction from my perspective by Priyanka Singh
Detailed blogs are on the way will come soon….


  1. what a beautiful way to sum up the experiences of Jaipur. I love your style of summarizing. Since you have spent considerable part of your life here, it comes with an authority. Good to know that your connection to the city is still strong and you still visit Jaipur. 🙂


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